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The Best Digital Nomad Villages Around the World 

As the digital nomad lifestyle gains popularity with new remote work visas and coliving and coworking space for remote workers become the new norm, the digital nomad village is a logical next step. 

Many countries are now considering this option in a bid to bring new life into quieter, beautiful areas and provide a much-needed community for what can be an isolating lifestyle.

digital nomad villages

These villages tend to have something in common, they group together remote workers in a scenic area and provide the facilities that we need, namely WIFI, a space to work, and helpful networking and community-building events. 

I personally think they are a particularly great option for anyone who is nervous about starting a digital nomad lifestyle and wants the help, support, and immediate friendship group that a situation such as this would provide.

While the number of digital nomad villages is fairly small at the moment and limited to Europe, we will be updating this list with any new opportunities that become available so bookmark it for later.

Digital Nomad Valley Zadar, Croatia

Translating to the valley for friends’, this village is located in Bokir, a district in Zadar and offers a beachside retreat of affordable digital nomad accommodation with WIFI and co-working spaces. Both coliving and single occupancy luxurious mobile homes are available. 

croatia digital nomad village

You can rent a space for two weeks at €260 or a month for €520 which includes your utilities and people living in the village will be able to attend networking and social events and get support from their community manager.

As Croatia has been one of the most recent, and still one of the few, countries to launch a digital nomad visa this village, which allows nomads to stay in the country without paying income tax for a year, only adds one more reason for remote workers to make Croatia their new base for a while.

They’re also offering discounts for some of the first arrivals as they launch this month.

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Digital Nomads Madeira, Portugal

Head to a little slice of paradise on the south of Madeira Island, one of the two autonomous regions of Portugal. This is a place with superb weather, fantastic food, and an abundance of surrounding natural landscape to explore. 

portugal digital nomad village

This joint initiative between the regional government of Madeira, Startup Madeira, and digital nomad Gonçalo Hall offers remote workers who are committed to staying a month or more dedicated free workspace with WIFI, a Slack community, regular networking events, and a place within the community. 

They will also provide you with a list of local affordable accommodation and other workspaces to help you get set up.

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Thank you for reading this guide to new digital nomad villages. If you have news of any other digital nomads opening soon then get in contact with us!

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