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How to Find Accommodation for Digital Nomads (16 Great Options)

Finding accommodation as a digital nomad and a remote worker is one of the first things you have to deal with and it can certainly be one of the most intimidating factors when it comes to starting this lifestyle. It’s also something you will have to continuously deal with as you move on to new places. 

accommodation for digital nomads

Luckily, it’s become so much easier with the wave of new remote workers and companies are springing up all over the globe to offer accommodation options such as pre-vetted properties suited perfectly to remote workers, co-living spaces for anyone looking to network, and companies that will organize all of your accommodation for you taking that pressure off completely. 

We’ve also included alternative options such as housesitting which has always been a very successful money-saver for us while working on the road.

Here are all your best options as a digital nomad looking for accommodation on the go.

Best Short-Term Accommodation for Digital Nomads and Remote Workers

If you like to pick your own space and have flexible dates and locations then these short-term accommodation options are ideal.


A housing marketplace just for digital nomads and remote workers. You’ll find everything from co-living spaces, extended stay hotels, and private apartments on Anyplace. Most importantly, is that all the accommodation has been vetted as being suitable for working in and is fully furnished.

They also have ‘Select Apartments’ that come with video conferencing facilities. The accommodation is also fully flexible in that you can easily extend your stay or leave if needed with no hassle (although the minimum stay is typically 30 days).


A new accommodation platform built with remote workers to suit our needs, all of the properties are vetted as suitable to get work done while also providing a wholesome living experience whatever that means to you personally.

The flOasis properties are incredibly varied but have also been vetted so you don’t have to worry that the internet might be bad or there’s no desk. Using their intuitive platform, you also have the benefit of joining their community of global nomads and enjoy their tips and advice.

Nomad Stays

Hundreds of remote worker-friendly properties with great wifi and space to work with guaranteed coworking spaces nearby. The properties on Nomad Stays are available to instantly bookable and the price is all-inclusive so there are no hidden surprises. With properties all over the world, this is an easy solution when you need somewhere to stay instantly.


A long-time favourite of digital nomads, Airbnb is global and dominates the market for short-term stays. You can usually get a discount if you’re staying for a month or longer and can easily negotiate for a lower rate with the property owner themselves.

You will have to make sure the property suits your work needs yourself. With added cleaning fees, Airbnb is definitely getting more expensive but still remains one of the easiest solutions to finding short-term accommodation as a digital nomad. 

Note: You can also find apartments on, as they are expanding outside just hotels.

Organized Digital Nomad Stays

If you want to just sit back and have everything sorted for you as well as meet some amazing people then may an organized remote work stay is for you.

Nomad Pass

Offering retreats for remote workers around the world who want to work somewhere outside of their usual space but want somewhere set up for working with gorgeous and unique surroundings.

Nomad Pass are very much focused on building a community knowing that remote working can be a lonely situation without the usual access to colleagues. They also cater to teams looking to have a work retreat together. Ideal if you don’t have time to organize accommodation and want something simple to give it a go.

Remote Year

Offering everything from one-week retreats to 3-12 month adventures with other remote workers Remote Year is great if you’re new to the lifestyle or simply want to spend time with like-minded people with no pressure when it comes to destinations or accommodation.

You will quite literally see the world while working and have nothing to worry about. You will also have access to training and workshops to build your skills while you’re on the road.

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Digital Nomad Coliving Spaces

This has quickly become a popular concept and, at this point, you can google what city you’re interested in spending time in + coliving space and something will come up.

However, there are also many companies that now have multiple locations across the globe which can offer some consistency in your ever-changing environment. You will always know what to expect in terms of your work and living space and all that will change is the people you will meet.

coliving space for digital nomads and remote workers
Outsite – Coliving Space

Coliving spaces are ideal if you’re a new digital nomad or simply like to have a bit of a community available when you arrive. It’s great for networking and as these co-living spaces are so set up for remote work you won’t necessarily need to spend your time at coworking spaces and cafes which can offset some of the costs. 

It’s a given that these kinds of living spaces will have fantastic wifi, good lighting for conferences calls, optimized desk space, and coffee facilities.


These gorgeously presented rooms offer a perfect hybrid hotel/apartment experience. You’re provided with your own large room, fully furnished with a bright and wood-based interior and also have access to the modern shared spaces including social spaces, kitchen, coworking space, and event space.

Zoku has everything you need to live and work offering an easy way to meet people and network. With such beautiful design and open spaces with light streaming in and no shortage of foliage, Zoku is a pleasure to live and work in.

Currently available in: (Amsterdam, Copenhagen, Vienna)


Offering accommodation suited to digital nomads as well as shared co-living space options, Selina is a one-stop place for booking a place to stay as a remote worker. With hundreds of options available across the world, Selina specialises in finding some of the most unique and fun properties where you can truly feel like you’re experiencing an escape from life with the option of sharing that with other nomads.

Currently available in (Argentina, Bolivia, Brazil, Chile, Colombia, Costa Rica, Ecuador, Greece, Guatemala, Mexico, Nicaragua, Panama, Peru, Portugal, UK, US and beyond)

Outpost Club 

For remote workers in the NY and Jersey City area who want to build a network with other nomads and have a remote living experience, this quickly expanding network of highly aesthetic co-living houses offer a wonderful opportunity. Outpost Club is on a mission to provide an affordable, all-inclusive space that’s conducive to working and geared specifically towards freelancers, remote workers, and entrepreneurs.

Currently available in (New York and Jersey City)


If coliving, coworking, and surfing as a team sound right up your street then CoWorksurf is going to be perfect for you. Offering tailored remote work properties for teams that guarantee the exact lifestyle you’re craving with work-approved spaces. Skip all the hours organizing a team retreat and leave it to the experts.

Currently available in (Portugal, Spain, Sri Lanka, Norway, Bali, Mexico)


Coliving and community across the world for remote workers. Designed for creatives, these spaces give you the best of both worlds with a private room but also shared coworking spaces and access to their partner discount perks which includes a number of our favourite services for digital nomads such as Safteywing travel insurance but also fitness and leisure activities.

With a simple membership system, you can access their spaces and community from any Outsite property.

Currently available in (Mexico, Switzerland, Chile, Costa Rica, Puerto Rico, Portugal, France, Indonesia, New York, Hawaii, California, Texas and beyond)

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Housesitting for Digital Nomads

We have always been big fans of housesitting. It’s a way to travel for free and enjoy other people’s pets. If you are a new freelancer, building up some passive income, or simply enjoy being in a space that feels like home, then housesitting is a great option. 

house sitting guide

Generally, people have excellent WIFI (though having a portable WIFI device is always handy) and have some kind of desk space to use, though part of the fun for us is also finding out what great cafes and coworking spaces can be found nearby.

You can generally reliably find housesits but for any gaps, Airbnb (or one of the spaces mentioned above) will usually keep you sorted.

Here are some of the best house sitting platforms globally, we’ve personally had the most success with Trusted Housesitters.

Read our guides below, if you’d like to find out if the housesitting route is for you. 

Packing Efficiently as a Digital Nomad

Naturally, living in short-term accommodation means you should pack as minimally and efficiently as possible. Having good luggage and packing the things you actually need, not want is key.

Check out our guides to the best luggage options and how to make the most of your space, written by people who have made all the packing mistakes so you don’t have to.

minimalist packing tips

Getting a Digital Nomad Visa

While many digital nomads choose to use the 30-90 day tourist visas that most countries offer, depending on your passport, there are also options where you can legally work and live in the country of your choice for longer. Check out our visa guides below.

travel schengen zone visa free

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