A Guide to Malaysia for Digital Nomads and Remote Workers

guide to Malaysia for digital nomads

Malaysia has so much to offer digital nomads who are looking for an interesting, multi-cultural and dynamic country to be based. while they work. Nature lovers will be thrilled by the rain forests (even within the heart of Kualur Lumpur), coastline, mountains, and island life whereas people who love a bustling city have plenty of … Read more

How to Travel Through the Schengen Visa Free as a Digital Nomad

travel schengen zone visa free

Navigating the Schengen Zone as a digital nomad can be confusing, in this article we’re going to explain what visa free travel is, show you sample itineraries of how you can legally travel between the Schengen Zone and Non-Schengen Zone indefinitely, what to do if you overstay your visa, and bilateral agreements which you may … Read more

A Complete Guide to Japan for Digital Nomads

remote working in japan

In a country famous for stunning landscapes, ancient architecture, and a passionate food scene, working remotely in Japan might be the dream destination for you. Now, with many of us being thrust into a digital age of work, it is a better time than ever to begin thinking of relocating to a new country. Notable … Read more

A Guide to Romania for Remote Workers & Digital Nomads

romania for remote workers

Find out why Romania is perfect for remote workers and freelancers. This guide contains everything you to need to know about daily life, coworking, cafes, & accommodation. Romania is a truly wonderful country and an ideal place to be based as a digital nomad. The country has a long and interesting history, with remnants of … Read more

The 6 Best Cities in Southeast Asia for Remote Workers


One of the most exciting things about being a digital nomad is deciding where to work from next. With the world being filled with beautiful places, incredible people, and amazing food, remote workers have the privilege of learning about cultures other than their own while keeping up with their day job. In this article, we’re … Read more

Living and Working Remotely in Zagreb, Croatia (A Guide)


Discover why working in Zagreb, Croatia is a fantastic choice for digital nomads looking for a convenient and dynamic city full of life to spend time in. Are you daydreaming about the next destination to work remotely from? If you’re looking for somewhere with Italian vibes but a smaller price tag, Croatia may be the … Read more

Living and Working in Georgia: Tips for Digital Nomads

working in georgia remote workers

Find out everything you need to know as a remote worker in Georgia and why Georgia is an ideal country for freelancers from someone who has lived there. Home of the spectacular Greater Caucasus mountains, global birthplace of wine, Republic of Georgia’s tourism star has been rising ever since Lonely Planet named it a ‘top … Read more

Your Complete Guide to Working Remotely in Tbilisi

remote working in tbilisi georgia

If you’re considering working remotely in Tbilisi, Georgia, here is everything you need to know, from rental and visa options to cafes, and coworking spaces. Many would say the best part of being a digital nomad is having the option to explore and learn about new cultures while working ourselves. We often hear about Bali, … Read more