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Welcome to Nomad Finance and Freedom

Where digital nomads, remote workers, and freelancers can find everything they need for a secure and successful life.

We are here to help you navigate the life of a digital nomad or remote worker. By providing you with the skills to build a solid foundation, we aim to make your life as a global citizen as successful and secure as possible.

We’ve lived this life and know the unique challenges it can present. We also know how privileged it is to live this life at all, and we understand that a proper foundation of security helps to keep it sustainable.

Wondering Where to Start?

Discover some of the basics, including tips for freelancers and remote workers, money management, and lifestyle solutions.

Country and City Guides for Remote Workers

If you’re looking to work remotely from another country then here are some of your options. Find out everything you need to know about living abroad, visas, taxes, and insurance.

Latest Posts

Here are some of the latest and most popular posts on Nomad Finance and Freedom.

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We’re always available by email for questions and inquiries.

We are proud to offer actionable advice in our articles, but we also offer a number of affordable services for those looking for a personal touch. If there is something you’d like to request that isn’t mentioned here, just get in touch with us.

Our services include

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CV & Cover Letter Advice

Specifically for people looking for freelance and remote work. We can help you create a resumé or check your cover letter and CV before sending them off.

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If you love writing but aren’t confident enough with your spelling and grammar, or you just want a fresh pair of eyes, then this is the service for you.

working from home guide


We offer Zoom consultations if you’d like advice on anything mentioned here on this site. From getting started as a freelancer, a writer, or a house-sitter, to working as an online teacher, there’s a lot we can help you with.

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If you are setting up your own business and need creative copy or well-written articles and blog posts, we have a team of experienced writers who can provide everything you need.