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Here are the 25 Best Places for Digital Nomads in Europe

Are you looking for the best places for digital nomads in Europe? If so, you’re in the right place! In this article, we’ll share 10 European countries and their top cities for nomads. 

For digital nomads, the idea of living and working in different countries seems like a dream come true. In reality, it can be difficult to make such a lifestyle work out financially. That is why many opt to take advantage of Europe’s diverse landscapes and cultures — from bustling cities to pastoral countryside regions — all accessible on a tight budget.

But what makes Europe such an attractive option for digital nomads? Let’s look at some of the advantages that draw them here. Keep reading to find your dream destination or get inspired.

Why is Europe a great place for digital nomads?

Europe is one of the best places in the world for digital nomads due to reliable internet, excellent weather, networking opportunities, and affordability. It’s also home to some of the most stunning, unique countries.

Most of the best places for digital nomads in Europe also have visas specifically for remote workers, making it easy for you to live and work in a European country for up to a year or more.

Whether you’re looking to relax, work, meet fellow digital nomads, or spend your free time going on adventures, you can find it in Europe. There’s an ideal destination for all kinds of remote workers, including nature enthusiasts, history buffs, wine lovers, foodies, and more.

25 Best Places for Digital Nomads in Europe

Whether you’re looking for a laid-back country like Hungary or an activity-filled destination like Portugal, there’s something for everyone in Europe. 

Here’s a quick list of the best places for digital nomads in Europe. Below, we’ll share more details about each destination.

  1. Bansko, Bulgaria
  2. Sofia, Bulgaria
  3. Varna, Bulgaria
  4. Bucharest, Romania
  5. Brasov, Romania
  6. Cluj-Napoca, Romania
  7. Sibiu, Romania
  8. Prague, Czech Republic
  9. Brno, Czech Republic
  10. Budapest, Hungary
  11. Pécs, Hungary
  12. Tbilisi, Georgia
  13. Batumi, Georgia
  14. Barcelona, Spain
  15. Valencia, Spain
  16. Madrid, Spain
  17. Lisbon, Portugal
  18. Porto, Portugal
  19. Braga, Portugal
  20. Berlin, Germany
  21. Munich Germany
  22. Cologne, Germany
  23. Zagreb, Croatia
  24. Split, Croatia
  25. Athens, Greece


Bulgaria is located in Southeastern Europe and is one of the most affordable countries in Europe. It’s also an ideal destination for digital nomads who love to explore history, beautiful nature, and good food.


You can stay in Bulgaria as a digital nomad for up to 90 days, and there are many other appealing places nearby to go when you leave, like Romania and Greece.

Best cities in Bulgaria for digital nomads:

  • Bansko: a digital nomad hub popular for skiing and hiking 
  • Sofia: Bulgaria’s capital and a great place for cultural sights and diverse landscapes
  • Varna: a city with vibrant culture and ample networking opportunities


Also located in Southeastern Europe, just north of Bulgaria, is Romania. The cost of living in Romania is very affordable, which is appealing to many digital nomads because they can take advantage of all the activities and unique cities. Romania also has an expansive digital nomad community, reliable internet, and various exciting cities to choose from. 

brasov romania remote workers

Romania is home to some of the best digital nomad cities in Europe if you’re looking for a long-term place to call home while you work remotely. Its digital nomad visa allows visitors to apply to spend a year in Romania with the option to renew for an additional year.

Best cities in Romania for digital nomads:

  • Bucharest: offers a lot to explore, including a buzzing nightlife and cafe scene
  • Brasov: a city with opportunities for excellent dining, networking, and day trips
  • Cluj-Napoca: for young digital nomads who enjoy cafes, music, and bars
  • Sibiu: a quaint, quiet destination

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Czech Republic

Over the years, the Czech Republic has become known for being one of the best places for digital nomads in Europe due to its convenience and beauty.

Prague, Czech Republic

The Czech Republic is cheap, offers plenty of coworking spaces and cafes, and has a freelancer visa. Its central location also makes it easy to travel to nearby places like Germany, Poland, and Austria.

Best cities in the Czech Republic for digital nomads:

  • Prague: a popular spot to work remotely with convenient local transportation and incredible culture and history 
  • Brno: a less touristy, quiet destination that’s ideal for productivity


Hungary is a landlocked country in central Europe growing by the day. This relaxed country offers a simple vibe and picturesque scenery, with beaches, lakes, rivers, and mountains. Hungary’s excellent public transportation system also makes it easy to explore.

hungary budapest digital nomad visa

Hungary’s new visa, known as the White Card, has made it one of the best places in Europe for digital nomads to stay long-term (a year with the option to extend another year).

Best cities in Hungary for digital nomads:

  • Budapest: a famous city loved by travellers that boast ancient architecture and a gorgeous skyline
  • Pécs: a quiet destination, perfect for nomads who enjoy history and culture


Georgia is a fascinating country on the coast of the Black Sea, where Eastern Europe and Western Asia meet. History buffs, wine lovers, and hikers have been visiting Georgia for years, and it’s an easy country for digital nomads to live and enjoy.

remote working in tbilisi georgia

Best of all, Georgia’s digital nomad visa makes long-term stays doable for Australian, United States, and EU passport holders. 

Best cities in Georgia for digital nomads:

  • Tbilisi: Georgia’s capital and most popular city for travellers due to ample accommodation options, an excellent food and drink scene, and networking opportunities
  • Batumi: ideal for nature lovers looking for great quality of life

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Spain, located in Southwestern Europe, is easily one of the best places for digital nomads in Europe if you’re looking for a welcoming community.

Travellers and remote workers love Spain’s welcoming atmosphere, relaxed vibe, large immigrant community, and delicious cuisine. Like other European countries, Spain is affordable for many people.

As of early 2023, Spain’s new digital nomad visa allows you to stay for up to 5 years, which is longer than most other countries allow.

Best cities in Spain for digital nomads:

  • Barcelona: a gorgeous location filled with professional and fun opportunities
  • Valencia: a city that’s easy to live in and meet fellow nomads
  • Madrid: endless activities, including parks, dining, nightlife, and day trips

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Are you interested in exploring a European country with wonderful weather, beautiful beaches, and friendly locals? If so, Portugal could be the right digital nomad destination for you. Portugal is located in southern Europe, and it’s the oldest country on the continent.


Due to Portugal’s new digital nomad visa that allows visitors to stay for up to a year, it’s become a popular spot for remote workers. 

Best cities in Portugal for digital nomads:

  • Lisbon: Portugal’s capital, filled with vibrant culture, cafes, and coworking spaces
  • Porto: a small city with a cosy vibe
  • Braga: a university town that offers a lot to see and do

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Germany, located in Central Europe, might be the perfect place for you if you want convenience, fun, and beauty. Digital nomads appreciate spending time in Germany because of its high quality of life, great healthcare, reliable internet, and gorgeous cities. 


The German freelance visa also allows digital nomads to live in Germany while working remotely. There are two options for the visa, one specifically for freelancers and the other for those who own a business. 

Best cities in Germany for digital nomads: 

  • Berlin: known as Germany’s most diverse, progressive, and trendy city
  • Munich: a buzzing, historic city
  • Cologne: another historic city also featuring a pleasant urban feel


Croatia is a hotspot for digital nomads because it has just about everything you could want for your home base. With a picture-perfect coastline, intricate architecture, a low cost of living, and delicious food, it’s a wonderful destination. 

zagreb cafes croatia

Best of all, Croatia’s new residence visa, which allows visitors to stay for as long as a year, specifically aims to attract remote workers.

Best cities in Croatia for remote workers:

  • Zagreb: Croatia’s largest city and the capital, ideal for networking and exploring a unique culture
  • Split: a peaceful seaside city


Greece, located in southeastern Europe, is an incredible country with more than 18 stunning UNESCO World Heritage Sites. For years, Greece has been a digital nomad’s favourite destination. It’s home to great weather, delicious cuisine, and a rich history. 

In 2021, it became even more accessible for remote workers to go to Greece. Its Digital Nomad visa allows freelance non-EU citizens to legally work and live in Greece for up to 2 years.

Best cities in Greece for remote workers:

Athens, Greece’s capital, is easily one of the best cities in Europe for digital nomads. It’s the centre of the Greek economy and culture. Nomads especially love the relaxed lifestyle, affordable accommodation options, and reliable internet in Athens.

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