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9 Best Coworking Spaces in Portugal (Lisbon, Porto & Braga)

If you’re living in or planning to travel to Portugal and work, you’ll be pleased to hear there are many excellent coworking spaces. In this article, we’re going to share the best ones in some of Portugal’s most amazing cities: Lisbon, Porto, and Braga.

best coworking spaces in portugal

Portugal has several visa options for remote workers (including a brand new Portugal digital nomad visa). It’s a beautiful country with stunning beaches and incredible food, so it’s no wonder it’s becoming a thriving digital nomad hub! 

These coworking spaces offer opportunities for getting inspired, networking, joining a community, and meeting your business goals. They’re great for freelancers, entrepreneurs, start-ups, and even larger companies. 

Let’s look at the best coworking spaces in Portugal: Lisbon, Porto, and Braga.

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Best Coworking Spaces in Lisbon

Lisbon is Portugal’s capital, and this trendy city is a fun spot for digital nomads. Best of all, Lisbon has no shortage of great coworking spaces. Below, we’ll share three spots where you can find tons of amenities, inspiration to get creative, and central locations.

  • Second Home Lisboa: best for amenities, with lots of plants and many conveniences
  • LACS Communitivity of Creators: best for getting creative surrounded by an artsy vibe
  • Resvés Cowork Space: best for a central location, and it’s pet-friendly, open 24/7, and has countless amenities

Second Home Lisboa: Best for Amenities

Second Home Lisboa is a welcoming space for digital nomads, entrepreneurs, and innovators. This plant-filled, colourful coworking space is above the storied 19th-century Mercado da Ribeira, Lisbon’s largest food market.  

With a jungle vibe, you can’t help but feel happy and ready to get work done at Second Home Lisboa. Best of all, there are multiple membership options to fit your needs. From a private office full of plants to a desk surrounded by like-minded nomads, there’s something for everyone.

second home lisbon

Second Home Lisboa also offers many extra conveniences and services, including unlimited printing, free tea & coffee, an on-site cafe, and showers. 

If you’re looking for community, you can also find that with various events regularly. Join a weekly surf club, monthly community breakfast, wellness classes, a member’s slack channel, and more.

They also have branches in London and LA and membership allows you to use branches in other countries if you travel.

Second Home Instagram

LACS Communitivity of Creators: Best for Getting Creative

LACS Communitivity of Creators is passionate about providing a creative environment with art and culture, where remote workers can focus, network, and recharge. Its flexible workspaces and plans are ideal for meeting the needs of all guests. They even have a virtual coworking plan!

Creatives especially love LACS because of its galleries and art installations that provide inspiration. You can also relax and recharge in the cafeteria or bar & lounge. Meeting other LACS members is also a great way to connect, learn, and create with others.

LACS Communitivity of Creators Instagram

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Resvés Cowork Space: Best for a Central Location

Resvés Cowork Space is a locally-owned, pet-friendly space where you can collaborate and be creative 24 hours a day, seven days a week. It’s a quiet space where you can be productive, but its central location is close to all the buzz.

reeves coworking space

Enjoy a simple design with natural lighting and unique artwork at Resvés Cowork Space. You can find mixed spaces to work, from shared desks to private offices.

Members get the luxury of various amenities at Resvés Cowork Space, including phone booths, lounge areas, a fully-equipped kitchen, and free drinks and snacks. There’s also a well-being program, printer services, and lockers. 

Resvés Cowork Instagram

Best Coworking Spaces in Porto 

Porto is a fantastic place to visit if you’re looking for simplicity. This remarkable small city offers beautiful sites, views, delicious food, and local history. If you’re looking to work here, you can find ample coworking spaces that provide community, motivation, simplicity, and more.

  • Porto i/o: best for joining a community, with multiple eccentric locations throughout the city
  • Synergy Coworking: best for entrepreneurs, with events, training, and mentorship programs
  • TYPOGRAPHIA-COWORK: best for simplicity, offering an open space to get work done

Porto i/o: Best for Joining a Community

Porto i/o is a community-centred coworking space, and you can find 4 locations throughout the city. Each one is set in a historic and unique building and offers a peaceful atmosphere with excellent amenities. 

Community is Porto i’o’s middle name. This space is the spot if you want to make friends, network, and collaborate. They hold community meetups, support local initiatives, and sponsor local events. 

Each space has a special vibe, top-notch WiFi, and green energy. Choose from various plans to fit your needs, whether you want to visit once, work here weekly or daily, or have a virtual office.

Porto i/o also offers different discounts. Being a freelancer, a member of a company, or a referrer are just a few ways you can reap the benefits of these discounts.

Porto i/o Instagram

Synergy Coworking: Best for Entrepreneurs

Synergy Coworking focuses on helping entrepreneurs kickstart their businesses. If you’re looking to share ideas, resources, and knowledge, Synergy is the best space for it! They work to connect their members with innovative people and professionals through events, training, and mentorships. 

With multiple plans, you can choose what works best for you. Synergy Coworking offers dedicated desks, flex desks, and meeting rooms. Amenities include coffee, water, mail reception, and printer access. There’s also an event space for rent, lounge area, kitchen, terrace, and lawn to enjoy.

Synergy Porto Instagram

TYPOGRAPHIA-COWORK: Best for Simplicity

TYPOGRAPHIA-COWORK is a place for entrepreneurs, freelancers, and companies to come together in a professional environment. Not only is it an excellent space to work, but it’s also a place to discuss and share knowledge in the heart of Porto’s historic city centre.

This open working space is simple, where creativity can flow, and productivity takes place. There are various workstations, from shared tables to meeting rooms, and more. Common areas include an eating space, a lounge, and an outdoor patio.

Typographia-Cowork Instagram

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Best Coworking Spaces in Braga

Digital nomads who want to stay on a budget while experiencing the excitement of a lively university town love Braga. Best of all, there are several coworking spaces to get work done and meet like-minded people. 

  • Factory Braga: best for convenience, with many amenities and various workspaces
  • Home2Work Coworking and Coffee: best for productivity, with a professional community and ample services
  • Liberdade Street Fashion: best for an excellent location in the historic centre of Braga

Factory Braga: Best for Convenience

Factory Braga is a unique coworking space inspired by plastic artist Andy Warhol and innovative, optimistic, entrepreneurial, and internet-savvy individuals.

You can find everything you’re looking for in one place at Factory Braga. With tons of amenities and different workspaces, it’s easy to be productive at this Braga coworking space. Factory Braga offers 24/7 access with an equipped kitchen, relaxation massages, ping-pong, meeting rooms, and more.

Factory Braga Instagram

Home2Work Coworking and Coffee: Best for Productivity

Home2Work Coworking and Coffee is a space where you can start your day with coffee and be a part of a professional community. Join fellow freelancers, entrepreneurs, start-ups, and university students so that you can connect, collaborate, and focus within a relaxed atmosphere.

It’s easy to focus on your business at Home2Work, with various work areas carefully created to foster productivity. You can find private offices, open spaces, meeting rooms, and lounge areas. Members also appreciate snacks and beverages on-site.

Home2Work also offers various services, including printing, reliable internet, equipment rentals, and workshops. 

Home2Work Instagram

Regus Liberdade Street Fashion: Best for an Excellent Location

Liberdade Street Fashion is conveniently located in Braga’s historic centre and offers a space to get inspired. This office rental and coworking space features a mix of classic and modern architecture and many amenities. 

You can find meeting rooms, shared desks, and office spaces at Liberdade. There’s also an on-site gym, restaurant, rest area, vending machines, and ample parking.

Regus Instagram

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