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Digital Nomad Coliving Spaces: Everything You Need to Know

If you have been wondering about what a digital nomad house is, how digital nomad coliving works, and wether it’s the right choice for you then read on. You will also find some notable accommodation options for remote workers to get you inspired.

digital nomad coliving

What are coliving spaces?

Digital nomad housing come in many forms but they essentially provide a space where you can expect your own sleeping area, or sometimes a full studio, but will also share some facilities with other people in a similar situation to you. They are typically highly aesthetic and often lean into that ample natural light and minimalist vibe which provides an excellent space to work and be creative.

This is often cheaper than finding accommodation of your own, especially if you would like to stay somewhere long term. You also don’t have to worry about finding good WIFI and a workspace setup because coliving spaces will always have these facilities as standard.

Some co-living spaces also have co-working spaces, meeting spaces, cafes, and restaurants within the building and put on workshops and networking events for the people who live there.

In short, they offer digital nomads an ideal base of operation for living, working and collaborating.

They are perfect for people who are new to being a digital nomad or freelancers and are looking to meet like-minded people or simply people who don’t want to have to worry about anything when it comes to practically doing their job

digital nomad house

What to expect from a coliving space?

I can imagine many introverts being immediately intimidated by the idea of coliving. As an introvert myself, I personally think that digital nomad co-living spaces strike that balance of having your own space, oftentimes your own apartment, while also giving you the opportunity to network which is something we can find difficult.

You can always expect your own privacy and space to work and enjoy the perks provided at your own discretion.

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How are digital nomad houses different to digital nomad villages?

Digital nomad villages are a particularly new concept and at their core, they are quite similar. Digital nomad villages offer a space for remote workers to live together and enjoy facilities such as coworking and spaces and networking events.

Villages tend to offer a more communal feel, the people there are generally very committed to building a community amongst the people who live there and people are often committed to living there for a substantial amount of time, though not always.

Coliving spaces operate somewhere between a village and a hotel, people come and go and may not necessarily want to connect with others but instead want a convenient setup. Though many people make lifelong friends and even business partners within digital nomad housing so it’s certainly not the lesser option.

digital nomad housing

How much do digital nomad houses cost?

This very much depends on location as if it’s a more expensive city like London or New York then you can be expecting to pay prices in line with a hotel in the city. Typically you can book your stay by the day and live there for as long as you need to which makes it exactly as flexible as digital nomads need it to be.

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How to choose a coliving space?

There are a few things to consider when choosing digital nomad housing, most obviously where you want to be based. Here are a few questions to ask yourself to make sure you pick a place that’s right for you:

What facilities do you need? Some offer a basic setup where you will have your own room, and shared facilities whereas others are closer to a luxury business hotel experience

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Best digital nomad houses & coliving spaces to Inspire

We’ve also talked about some of the best coliving spaces in our article how to find accommodation for digital nomads, here are some of our current favourites around the world:

solis portable wifi


These gorgeously presented rooms offer a perfect hybrid hotel/apartment experience. You’re provided with your own large room, fully furnished with a bright and wood-based interior and also have access to the modern shared spaces including social spaces, kitchen, coworking space, and event space.

Zoku has everything you need to live and work offering an easy way to meet people and network. With such beautiful design and open spaces with light streaming in and no shortage of foliage, Zoku is a pleasure to live and work in.

Currently available in: (Amsterdam, Copenhagen, Vienna)


Offering accommodation suited to digital nomads as well as shared co-living space options, Selina is a one-stop place for booking a place to stay as a remote worker. With hundreds of options available across the world, Selina specialises in finding some of the most unique and fun properties where you can truly feel like you’re experiencing an escape from life with the option of sharing that with other nomads.

Currently available in (Argentina, Bolivia, Brazil, Chile, Colombia, Costa Rica, Ecuador, Greece, Guatemala, Mexico, Nicaragua, Panama, Peru, Portugal, UK, US and beyond)

Outpost Club 

For remote workers in the NY and Jersey City area who want to build a network with other nomads and have a remote living experience, this quickly expanding network of highly aesthetic co-living houses offer a wonderful opportunity. Outpost Club is on a mission to provide an affordable, all-inclusive space that’s conducive to working and geared specifically towards freelancers, remote workers, and entrepreneurs.

Currently available in (New York and Jersey City)


If coliving, coworking, and surfing as a team sound right up your street then CoWorksurf is going to be perfect for you. Offering tailored remote work properties for teams that guarantee the exact lifestyle you’re craving with work-approved spaces. Skip all the hours organizing a team retreat and leave it to the experts.

Currently available in (Portugal, Spain, Sri Lanka, Norway, Bali, Mexico)


Coliving and community across the world for remote workers. Designed for creatives, these spaces give you the best of both worlds with a private room but also shared coworking spaces and access to their partner discount perks which includes a number of our favourite services for digital nomads such as Safteywing travel insurance but also fitness and leisure activities.

With a simple membership system, you can access their spaces and community from any Outsite property.

Currently available in (Mexico, Switzerland, Chile, Costa Rica, Puerto Rico, Portugal, France, Indonesia, New York, Hawaii, California, Texas and beyond

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