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6 Easy Ways to Grow Your YouTube Channel

YouTube is one of the most popular websites and social media platforms in existence. That popularity lures budding creators to the platform daily, with the hopes of earning money and build an audience.

ways to grow your youtube channel

That same popularity also means crowding. How do you stand out in an ocean of your YouTube peers, all of which are also working hard and hoping to grow their channel quickly? It may seem impossible at times but there are easy ways to grow your YouTube channel.

Like building a strong blog, much of YouTube is about algorithms and SEO. You’re playing to an audience of living, breathing people, but also to an artificial audience of algorithms and data. Keep that in mind as you follow these easy ways to grow your YouTube channel.

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Easy Ways to Grow Your YouTube Channel

Everything you read here comes from first-hand research and implementation. Everything I suggest here continues to work for me and, therefore, will work for you as well as you implement these easy ways to grow your YouTube channel.

1) Pick your niche

You’ve likely already done this, at least to a degree. There’s a hobby or a passion you have an interest or expertise in that you want to use to build an audience on YouTube.

However, you need to exploit this and make it clear that your channel is built upon this. When people come to your channel, they do so looking for a specific thing. You need to deliver that. This is one of the most reliable ways to grow your YouTube channel.

Your YouTube niche might be tech, finance, movie reviews, makeup tutorials, political news, fashion, vintage video games. Whatever it is, double down on it and pour all your effort into content that feeds into your niche.

Pick a name that reflects your niche. Pay an artist on Fiverr to make a catchy YouTube logo and accompanying banner that makes your niche clear but also catches the eye of passing viewers.

Once you’ve done this, fill up your channel with content. This is one of the best easy ways to grow your YouTube channel.

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2) Content, Content, Content

This is the number one rule for building and growing a YouTube channel. The YouTube algorithm favours frequent uploads, to an astonishing degree. As do your subscribers! They’ve subscribed for your content, so give it to them!

The question is: how much content? The more, the better. A new YouTube channel has a better chance of growing if it puts out frequent content. There are a few qualifiers and caveats here, so let’s break them down:

  • Weekly videos are preferred. Even better if they’re twice a week.
  • If daily videos are possible, you should see enormous growth, but that’s a big ask for most people.
  • These videos should also still be in your specific niche. Stick to your niche, especially at the beginning.
  • Your videos should also be at least ten minutes long each, if possible.

Let’s expand on a few of these points:

First off, it really is essential to have a reliable YouTube upload schedule. If you can reliably upload videos every, say, Wednesday and Saturday (that’s my upload schedule, by the way), you should see consistent growth.

A channel that can upload videos daily (that meet an acceptable standard of quality and are at least ten minutes long) will see impressive growth. Doing this alone will lead to burnout, however, so it is not required.

There are obvious risks to your health with this approach. If you’re getting stressed, losing sleep, running out of ideas, or sacrificing other aspects of your personal and professional life, it’s not worth it.

If you only have so much free time, but you’re still looking for easy ways to grow your YouTube channel, then aim for a once-a-week upload schedule, and keep to the same days. Tell your subscribers that you “upload new videos every Wednesday” and stick to that.

solis portable wifi

As for the ten-minute length, the YouTube algorithm takes longer videos more seriously. It assumes that they can’t be spam; they must contain worthwhile information. It makes sense: if you take the time to make a ten-minute-long video every time, you should be rewarded.

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3) Be active on social media

Social media platforms like Twitter, Instagram, and TikTok are great for supporting your content. There are two ways of using social media successfully as a YouTuber.

The first is simply as a means of promoting your content directly. Whenever you make a new video, let people know via social media. Tweet a link to it; put it in your Instagram story; post a snippet of the video to TikTok.

The second is to use social media to build your personality (you can call this your ‘brand’ if you like).

Your personality will shine through in your videos but you can also use Twitter and Instagram to double down on this personality. Tweet about your niche regularly; add some comedy to it; include thoughts and opinions.

If you’re busy making a video and you want to hype it up, take a photo of your laptop with the video editor open and post that to Instagram. Hype it up to your followers. Tease the topic and remind them of when it will be uploaded.

editing youtube videos

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4) Hone your personality

Since this has just been mentioned in the last point, let’s explore personality/branding a little bit more. As abstract as this might sound, building a personality/brand is one of the best ways to grow your YouTube channel.

Most of your subscribers come for the content and stay for the personality.

Let’s say your niche is makeup tutorials. People find your channel, watch a video, enjoy your tips, and hit ‘like’. But if your video includes a few jokes, personal anecdotes, a way of connecting them to your life and your world, they’ll also hit ‘subscribe’. Because they’re interested in you as a personality.

Humour is one of the best ways to build your brand. You can use video editing to make people laugh just as easily as you can use your own face and voice. Edit in memes and sound effects; use cuts and zooms to emphasise funny moments. Keep in mistakes and bloopers just for comedy.

You’ll find that your brand grows and shifts as time goes on. Remain in your niche when picking video topics, but then experiment with filming and editing to add some colour and personality to your brand.

If your videos have your face in them, consider your set. Surround yourself with props related to your niche. If your videos only have voiceover, start using repeated phrases, visuals, and sound effects that people come to associate with your channel.

Once your channel has seen some growth and you have a reliable base of active subscribers who frequently like a comment, you can start thinking about branching out from your niche.

These loyal subscribers are now here for you as much as they are for your niche. Consider uploading a personal story, a vlog, a news update about your life. Expose yourself a little. You can even consider starting a Patreon for your most loyal fans to join.

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5) Put out quality content

This point can be a little exclusionary. Every person on YouTube has a different amount of time and money to spare. Not all of us can afford the best equipment and editing software. Unfortunately, making YouTube videos does require a minimum amount of monetary input.)

At the very least, you need two of these three things: a microphone (if you do voiceover), a camera (if your face is in it), and editing software. You can just film on your phone and upload your video with zero edits, but it won’t get you many fans.

Competence at using your lighting, staging, voice recording, and editing is the key to creating consistent quality content.

Editing is the big one, in my opinion. As long as you’re filming in HD and your voice is clear, that’s enough. Good editing, however, is vital for audience retention.

So, you need to do the same. Tell people to like and subscribe. It might feel unnatural at first, but it works. I swear.

This is a rather subjective point but I can’t bear to sit through a badly edited video. If you’re leaving in pauses, ums and ahs, and unscripted passages of waffling, I’ll turn your video off and unsubscribe. Use editing to make your videos clear, concise, focused, and to the point.

Also experiment with editing to develop a style and personality. Most YouTubers get to know their favourite sound and visual effects and lean on them to build their brand.

If your content is well-edited, subscribers come to know that there is no risk of you putting out a bad video. They’ll set aside the time to watch, even if the topic doesn’t interest them. They know that your personality and video quality will make it entertaining enough to watch.

6) Engagement is key

This is another one of the most vital but easy ways to grow your YouTube channel. I’ve already mentioned how the YouTube algorithm loves frequent uploads and lengthy videos. It also loves engagement.

There’s a reason why successful YouTube channels remind viewers (at the beginning, end, or both) to like and subscribe. Likes are engagement, and the algorithm rewards it by putting your video in front of more potential viewers and subscribers.

The best kind of engagement is YouTube comments. You want to create a conversation. So, pose a question. Invite people to comment. Give them a reason to leave answers and opinions in your comments section.

You can double this effectiveness by downloading the YouTube Studio app to your phone and setting aside time each day to like and reply to comments. Build discussion. Get your viewers to trust that you see their comments and even reply to them.

Eventually, your channel will get too big and busy to make discussion possible. But, until that point, make it a habit of posing questions, encouraging discussion, and replying to comments daily.

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