6 Easy Ways to Grow Your YouTube Channel

ways to grow your youtube channel

YouTube is one of the most popular websites and social media platforms in existence. That popularity lures budding creators to the platform daily, with the hopes to earn money and build an audience. That same popularity also means crowding. How do you stand out in an ocean of your YouTube peers, all of which are … Read more

How to Avoid Debt as a Digital Nomad (+ Debt Management Tips)

debt management tips nomads

Don’t let the lifestyle of a digital nomad lead you into debt. Here are some tips for nomads and freelancers on managing money and paying off debt. In the 21st Century, debt is an ordinary part of life. If you’re in the US, student debt is like a millstone around your neck. In the UK … Read more

10 Budgeting Tips for Freelancers and Digital Nomads

budgeting tips for freelancers and digital nomads

From developing better travel habits to streamlining your tech, here are ten actionable budgeting tips for every freelancer and digital nomad. Every freelancer and digital nomad lives life their own way. We all prioritise different outgoings, make different incomes, and live with different travel habits. But, regardless of how we travel, how we work, and … Read more

How to Work Remotely Without Paying Rent

Nomad finance and freedom

For countless people around the world, remote work is a dream. Being a remote worker or a digital nomad, working from home or from a cafe, or even having the freedom to travel and work from a laptop. All of this is possible and achievable. We’ve already talked here about how to find remote work … Read more

How to Get Started With Long-Term House Sitting

house sitting guide

As long-time travellers and lovers of pets, we were quite late to the long-term house sitting lifestyle, despite it being a fairly obvious choice for us in terms of combining all the things we love. In the end, it was actually a good friend in Tokyo who pointed us in this direction and taught us … Read more

Working from Home Efficiently (11 Tips & Tricks)

working from home guide

Does this scenario sound familiar? You’re new to working from home, and you’re excited. You can wake up later, sleep later, be your own boss, control your own schedule. But what’s this? Suddenly, the sun has set and you’ve barely gotten any work done because home is where your distractions are. Or you’ve worked too … Read more

How to Teach English Online from Home (A Complete Guide)


Here’s everything you need to know if you’re interested in teaching English online from home. From qualifications, to the interview process, and office setup. The online English teaching industry is enormous; far larger than you or anyone else thinks it is. That means there are countless businesses, students, and jobs out there waiting for you … Read more