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6 Best Laptop Lights for Video Conferencing (+ Lighting Tips)

Getting your lighting right is so important for looking good during conference calls. Zoom, in particular, doesn’t have a low lighting mode so you need to be using it in a well-lit room to look presentable on camera.

Laptop Lights for Video Conferencing

Sometimes, the accommodation you’re staying in simply has terrible natural lighting or you’re doing a conference in the evening a particularly common occurrence for remote workers who are working across time zones.

Fluorescent bulbs tend to be unflatteringly giving you a yellow tone and still often not providing enough light to really look great on your conference call. LED light is the way forward and having that bright light in your face can even be handy if you’re suffering from jet lag.

Many laptop lights for video conferencing even offer warm and cool lighting options and variable degrees of output, making sure you always look the best possible on call.

With a bit of kit you will soon be saying goodbye to lighting woes Here are our favourite laptop lights for video conferencing, including budget and professional options. Plus a bonus favourite if you end up using your mobile phone.

Some of our other favourite gear for remote workers:

1) Overall Best Laptop Light for Video Conferencing: Lume Cube

Our favourite choice for its excellent features, sturdiness, and portability. This is the kind of light that’s going to survive being thrown in your bag at the end of a workday and is easily adaptable to any situation due to the strong suction cap on the back.

laptop lights for video conferencing Lume Cube

One of our favourite aspects of the Lume Cube is the built-in frosted lens and additional white diffuser (which also protects the bulbs) which give you the flexibility to soften your light so you don’t get that harsh glare on your face. Ultimately it just looks more professional on camera.

The adjustable brightness plus warm and cool lightning feature also adds to the personalization factor meaning you can look great in any situation whatever your skin tone.

It also has a long battery life so you won’t be recharging constantly and also plugs right into your USB port if you don’t want to worry about it. The Lume Cube can also be attached to a clip or stand (sold separately) for more adjustability.

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2) Best Laptop Lighting on a Budget: Video Conference Lighting Kit

Very similar to the Lume Cube, and at a quarter of the price, this conference kit also offers a suction clip that can attach to your laptop or be stuck down to your desk, or used on your camera making it a very flexible lighting option.

The 48- LED lights are adjustable from 1 to 1000% and you’re able to adjust the warmth depending on your situation.

budget laptop light for zoom

The battery life is good, lasting from 2 to 10 hours per charge and can also be used while plugged in. Simple to use, this is a fantastic budget option that has many of the futures of the more expensive Lumecube.

3) Best Ring Light: Neewer Ring Light

If you specifically want a ring light then we highly recommend the Neewer option for its high quality and ease of use. Ring lights are generally preferred by many (especially vloggers) due to the even light they give off reducing blemishes and the signature eye-ring.

best ring light for video conferencing

This dimmable 18 inch LED SMD Ring Light with 240 LED bulbs provide excellent lighting for any kind of video content or calls. It comes with a stand, orange and white light filters for enhancing skin tone and adjustable brightness. It’s also great for people using their phone during conference calls due to its sturdy 360-degree rotatable smartphone holder.

4) Best Professional Laptop Lighting Setup: RALENO LED Video Lighting Kit

If you’re creating a lot of video or photo content or spending a lot of time on video conferences and looking for a next-step lighting setup then the Raleno kit could be ideal.

Despite how it looks, these lights fit into a neat bag making it surprisingly compact for the level of professionalism you’re getting, though still most ideal for people who have a base than those who travel frequently.

solis portable wifi
best professional home lighting

Included are two 384 LED Soft Video Lights, each with strong aluminium stands which extend from 19 – 75 inches; the LCD screens on the back show the light intensity and temperature which are adjustable.

They are also equipped with standardized hot shoe and 1/4 thread, which can be easily mounted on DSLR cameras, camcorders, light stands and tripod. They can also be used indoors or outdoors.

5) Best Video Lighting for Mobile Phones: Smartphone Camera Video Kit

Although not for your laptop, there’s always the chance you might have to rely on your phone for video conferencing in a pinch or you simply want some good lighting for making videos or doing live streams. In which case, we highly recommend this video setup.

mobile lighting for video

It comes with a square light, tripod, and shotgun mic included with a secure clip for your phone Each piece is detachable meaning you can arrange it in any way you’d like. This lightweight option is perfect for taking with you on the go and offers a much higher quality than using your phone on its own.

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6) Best Clip-on Ring Light: Bower Clip On Selfie LED Ring Light

This highly versatile clip-on light can be attached to your laptop, phone, tablet or camera making it a very affordable and useful little gadget.

bower clip on light

It is a fast and easy no-fuss option for anyone wanting a simple lighting solution that is ideal for people on the go. It has a range of colour selections and is rechargeable.

Top Tips for Getting Your Video Conference Lighting and Look Right

  • Whether you opt for a laptop light or now, make sure your light source (even it’s just your window) is aiming directly at your face and not from the side or back. Otherwise, your face will be unevenly lit or, worse, you’ll be just a silhouette.
  • The most flattering setup is to have lights coming from all around you rather than directly at you.

    This is rarely an option for remote workers but if you do want to create a home set-up then make sure the lights are poting directly down at you and are placed behind your camera.

    Try and place your main key light facing you at an angle to create pleasant depth and shadow.
  • Get your angles right. There’s nothing worse than having the camera point up at your nose and no amount of good lighting is going to save you from that.

    The ideal placement for your camera is at eye level so prop up your laptop with some books if you need that extra height or go for a laptop stand.

    Also, try and look into the camera rather than at yourself or the person you’re speaking to, this makes for more natural conversation for the person on the other end.

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