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5 Best VPN for Digital Nomads and Remote Workers

It is becoming increasingly important for people who work online to protect their data and private information using a VPN. If you have been wondering whether you need a VPN as a remote worker, or you simply want to access your favourite streaming services abroad, then find out the best VPN for digital nomads below.

best VPN for digital nomads and remnote workers

What is a VPN?

VPN stands for virtual private network and is a clever way to ensure a level of internet security. The service encrypts your data and hides your IP address by bouncing your network activity through a secure chain to another server which obscures your online identity.

You are not fully obscured online from a VPN alone; for example, companies are able to track your activity through cookies and apps are still able to track your usage and tailor ads and content to you personally. However,

your online identity is kept safe, secure, and anonymous.

While free VPNs are available, these tend to be the most susceptible to attacks and malware which renders the service pointless. Many of the VPNs available now are inexpensive and offer a solid service, often with additional packages that can keep your passwords secure and even offer secure online storage for your files.

Six Reasons Why Remote Workers and Digital Nomads Should Use a VPN

Every remote worker, freelancer, and digital nomad should consider signing up for a VPN. They are also, almost always, tax-deductible as they are considered essential for most people who work out of office. 

How a VPN works

Here are six reasons why having a VPN is a great idea.

  1. Security on Public WIFI: This is the one that often springs to mind when you think VPN.  Your online activity can easily be tracked through a public network so a VPN will keep your secure information, such as your banking data, from prying eyes.
  2. Data Privacy: Your private WIFI and apps have access to all of your internet data which can be vulnerable if there’s a data breach and can also be sold to advertisers. A VPN allows you to protect your ISP address from your own ISP.
  3. Encrypting Sensitive Work Information: VPNs all you to encrypt your data (putting it into a code format) which will keep confidential work information safe. This is particularly important if you deal with sensitive company information as a remote worker.
  4. Money Saving: We all know the flight hacks that people suggest including deleting your cookies and shopping in incognito mode. But a VPN is an easy way to change your location and possibly catch a deal as airlines and subscription services can offer different prices in different countries.
  5. Bypassing Country Firewalls: China and Russia springs to mind as a place where a VPN is absolutely essential. As someone who lived in China for a year, my VPN meant that I could access social media sites, the news, and WordPress. Many countries have certain websites blocked so being able to bypass these situations is worth the VPN subscription alone.

    Bear in mind, that VPNs are banned in these countries, so you will have to weigh up whether it is worth it for you personally. If you choose to use one, then make sure to get your VPN all set up before you go as you won’t be able to download it once you are there.
  6. Access Content From Back Home: We all have our favourite shows and streaming services that may not exist outside your home country. Hulu and HBO are great examples of services you can only access in The US. A good VPN will make sure you can also access those creature comforts.  

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Are VPNs Easy to Set Up?

Yes! For the most part, today’s VPN providers have made it easy for even the most tech-challenged people to access their services. It is often as simple as downloading an app or file, selecting the country you wish to be virtually based in, and pressing on.

Thanks to VPN smart device adaptability, you will be able to use your VPN across your devices including your phone and tablet. Depending on your plan provider, you should be able to be kept safe and secure across all of your devices.

The providers below all provide easy set-up guides as part of their service and will reply via email if you need additional support.

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Best VPN for Digital Nomads

Below we have outlined some of the most popular VPNs, what they offer and their pricing. There are so many VPN service providers out there but we’re sticking to the ones we have personally used and have a consistently good reputation.

Best VPN for digital naomds

1) Nord VPN

Nord VPN is considered the gold standard VPN. It’s one of the few that works well with streaming services like Netflix due to its fast connection speed which is up to three times faster than other providers. 

They offer numerous add-on options to personalize your service which is all incredibly simple to set up using their Nord VPN app, especially taking into consideration their live customer support.

They also have additional services such as:

NordPass: Store your passwords in s single place and access them with a click.

NordLocker: A private and secure encrypted cloud for your files for private sharing and storing.

NordLayer: a scalable business VPN for small startups to companies with hundreds of employees.

What does Nord VPN offer?

  • One of the fastest VPN services with a strict no-logs policy meaning they don’t track or share your data
  • Uninterrupted streaming and the ability to stream sports channels live 
  • Over 5100 servers in sixty countries
  • Up to six devices can be used as part of your plan
  • Dedicated IP address (with the ability to mask your IP) with obfuscated servers for maximum security 
  • Easy browser plugins and Cybersec to block ads, malware, and botnet control
  • 24/7 live support
  • 30-day money-back guarantee

How much does Nord VPN cost?

A monthly subscription is around $12, but there are major savings for annual plans. Keep an eye out for deals throughout the year as they offer very generous discounts.

Click to compare plans on the Nord VPN website.

2) Express VPN

As well regarded as Nord VPN, this was the VPN that successfully got us through a year in China when we had problems with so many others. It’s simple to use with their app, connects quickly and provides everything you expect from a good VPN provider.

Their free trial makes this a no-risk investment if you are worried about trying Express VPN for the first time.

What does Express VPN offer?

  • 30 Day Money-back guarantee
  • 24/7 live customer support
  • 160 VPN servers in ninety-four countries
  • Private DNS means there are no activity logs and IP address masking
  • Works on all devices including games consoles, smart TVs, and kindle devices with a simple app-based setup
  • Browser extensions are available
  • Supports up to five devices per subscription

Click to compare plans on Express VPN

How much does Express VPN cost?

A monthly plan is around $13 dollars per month with significant savings for an annual or six-month plan. They also have sales at various points in the year.

3) Pure VPN

Another amazing choice for digital nomads, Pure VPN currently has one of the biggest numbers of self-managed servers operational of any VPN provider. They also don’t use third-party servers meaning that speed is never compromised.

Business VPN plans are also available if you are managing a small team They also provide a thirty-one-day money-back guarantee and offer dedicated online customer service.

What does Pure VPN offer?

  • A buffer-free streaming experience and access to live sports
  • 24/7 customer service
  • A strict no-logs policy means they don’t track or share your data
  • Works on up to ten devices which is particularly generous
  • 6,500 servers in seventy-eight locations
  • Dedicated apps for all devices making it easy to setup

How much does Pure VPN cost?

Their monthly plan comes in at just under $12 a month which significant discounts available on their annual and two-year plans. You can also add services such as dedicated IP, DDos Protection, and Port Forwarding for an extra few dollars a month each.

Click to compare plans on Pure VPN

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4) Private VPN

Though this is one of the cheaper VPN options on this list, Sweden-based Private VPN doesn’t compromise on VPN service and is more than enough for the average remote worker and streamer.

Apps are available for Windows, Mac, Android, and Apple though not games consoles and other devices at the moment.

What does Private VPN offer?

  • Refer-a-friend scheme earning you free days of VPN
  • 200+ servers in sixty-three countries
  • Unblocks streaming services
  • Fast customer service via email, 24/7 live chat, and remote desktop support
  • 30-day money-back guarantee

How much does Private VPN cost?

One of the cheaper options with a monthly plan costs around $10 a month, but they are also the only VPN provider on this list to offer a cheaper three-month plan (as opposed to six months or annual) which offers big savings at around $7 a month. There is also a cheaper annual plan available.

Click to compare Private VPN plans

5) CyberGhost

Dedicated to championing free speech on the internet and truly passionate about internet security, the CyberGhost make a habit of putting a face to their team meaning you will always know who you are dealing with if you need any support from them. They currently have the biggest number of managed servers available.

They also have the longest money-back guarantee at 45-days if you aren’t sure as we as a 24-hour free trial with no credit card required.

What does CyberGhost offer?

  • A full range of apps including games consoles, smart TVs, and chrome extensions.
  • Ability to stream live sports with dedicated streaming servers
  • No logs policy
  • 7400+ servers
  • Ability to link to seven devices simultaneously
  • 24/7 live Customer Support service

How much does CyberGhost VPN cost?

Their basic monthly plan costs around $13 a month and offers one, two, and three-year plans with bigger savings and a 45-day money-back guarantee.

Click to compare CyberGhost VPN plans

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