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10 Best eSIM Providers (US & International Travel Plans) 2024

Staying reliably connected while travelling is incredibly important, especially if you have a remote job and need a consistent WIFI connection. While traditional SIM cards or mobile hotspots have been the go-to solution, eSIMs (embedded SIMs) have emerged as a convenient and flexible alternative. 

best eSIM plans and deals

Not only can you purchase and install them from the comfort of your phone, but they usually have flexible plans that suit all budgets.

Getting used to eSIMs was a game changer for staying connected on the go, and was one of the easiest ways to get an affordable phone plan for me when I ended up moving to the US. I was even able to keep my UK SIM installed which may staying connected even easier.

I wanted to share some favourites I’ve tried out over the years and why I’m an eSIM convert.

What is an eSIM?

Since they are relatively new, many travellers and digital nomads haven’t heard about eSIM cards. An eSIM is a small chip built into your device that can be programmed with a mobile plan without inserting a physical SIM card. 

It means you can purchase and download a mobile plan directly onto your device, even if you are already overseas, without worrying about physical SIM cards, shipping, or dealing with the hassle of swapping SIM cards in each country visit.

They are understandably being rapidly adopted by phone and tablet manufacturers as an eSIM makes it possible for manufacturers to free up space for batteries or other important components.

Five benefits of using an eSIM while travelling

best esim

Here are a few of the reasons I haven’t looked back after trying out eSIM cards.

  1. Convenience: You can download and activate a mobile plan directly onto your device eliminating the need to purchase or swap physical SIM cards when travelling to different countries. They also allow you to keep your original SIM card installed meaning you can still receive calls and texts from your home country while you travel.
  2. Flexibility: With an eSIM, you can switch between mobile plans and providers without needing to physically change your SIM card. This makes choosing the best plan for your needs easier, whether travelling internationally or looking for a new one at home.
  3. Security: eSIMs are more secure than traditional SIM cards because they are built into your device and cannot be easily removed or swapped. This reduces the risk of SIM card cloning and other types of fraud, making eSIMs a safer option for mobile connectivity.
  4. Cost-effective: In many cases, eSIMs can be a more cost-effective option for international travel because you can purchase local mobile plans directly through your device, rather than paying high roaming fees for your home provider. This can save you money and give you more control over your mobile expenses. Most of these companies will offer periodic eSIM deals and referral codes that can help you save further.
  5. Eco-friendly: eSIMs are more eco-friendly than traditional SIM cards because they are smaller and don’t require physical packaging or shipping making them a more sustainable option overall.

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How to choose the best eSIM provider for you?

Choosing the best eSIM provider for your needs can depend on a few factors. Here are some things to consider when selecting your SIM plan:

Coverage: Check which countries are covered by the eSIM provider and the network partners they use. Make sure they offer coverage in the countries you plan to visit.

Data plans: Look at the available data plans and consider the data allowance, validity period, and price. Choose a plan that fits your travel needs and budget.

Device compatibility: Ensure that the eSIM provider’s plans are compatible with your device, as not all devices support eSIM technology.

Cost: Some plans are cheaper than others. Make sure you aren’t paying for coverage or data that you won’t use.

Ultimately, the best eSIM provider for you will depend on your specific travel needs and preferences. Do your research and compare different eSIM providers to find the one that best suits your needs.

Best eSIM providers for travellers and remote workers: A Complete Guide

In this article, we’ll look at some of the best eSIM options available for international travel, so you can stay connected and in control wherever you go. Let’s go.

1) Truphone


Truphone offers eSIM plans in over 113 countries allowing you to manage your plan and usage through the Truphone app. They offer data-only plans for specific regions and also have global plans. They also provide ESIM for phones, Apple watches, and tablets.

Browse Truphone plans

solis portable wifi

2) Mint Mobile – Best eSIM for USA Travel

mint mobile

Undoubtedly the best option for the US, Mint Mobile (owned by none other than Ryan Reynolds) offers an eSIM or SIM card option for its plans.

These unlimited talk, text, and data in the US and Mexico and international roaming data in Canada and Mexico — they also offer family plans. Their plans are affordable and customizable, with options for three, six, or twelve months of service.

They’ve also upped my data for free three times since I registered with them. Thanks, Ryan!

Browse Mint Mobile plans

3) Airalo


This was my first ESIM provider and I had a great experience with them (you can read my full review of Airalo here). Airalo provides eSIM plans in over 100 countries, and their plans are easy to purchase through their app, even if you’ve never done it before.

They offer a range of plans, from data-only to data and voice, with daily, weekly, or monthly usage options. You can also choose from global, regional, or country-specific for some great eSIM deals. Airalo are one of the cheapest eSIM providers.

Browse Airalo plans here (and get $3 of free credit using the code JESSIC4133)

4) Nomad eSIM

nomad esim

Nomad are unique in that they will offer you a tailor-made plan based on the profile that you fill out when you join.

You also become part of the community and collect badges based on your travel style and adventures, they’re currently working on building features on their app that allow you to get inspiration from other travellers, and already have their own range of travel guides.

They offer diverse regional plans, including Nordic plans, SEA-Oceana, and APAC, as well as local, and country-specific plans and regularly offer deals and discounts.

Browse Nomad eSIM plans here

5) GigSky


GigSky is unique in that offers data plans for land, sea, and air meaning you can have your in-flight plan sorted before you fly or sail making staying connected quicker, easier, and cheaper. They are consistently updating the airlines they work with and range at sea.

They also offer global and regional plans for Europe, the Caribbean, and the US with everything being managed through their convenient app.

Browse GigSky plans.

6) Holafly

holafly esim

Holafly is an eSIM provider that offers international mobile data plans for travellers, including unlimited data packages for most destinations.

You can purchase eSIM plans for more than 160 countries around the world, allowing you to stay connected and avoid expensive roaming charges while you travel. They also have great customer service and are very quick to help if anything gets complicated.

Browse Holafly plans.

7) Ubigi


Ubigi offers eSIM plans in over 190 destinations, and their plans include both 5G data and voice options. You can purchase a plan through their website, and they offer 24/7 customer support. They also have some of the best plans and offers when it comes to eSIM.

Browse Ubigi plans

8) Flexiroam X


Flexiroam X offers eSIM global and local plans which include 150+ countries and territories, with a separate specific plan for people travelling in the US. Booking ahead can get you some great deals.

You can purchase a plan through their app and manage your usage in real-time, the app also allows you to share data with other users. They’re also one of the only Apple-certified eSIM service providers.

Shop Flexiroam plans


best network ever esim

BNESIM has been voted the “World’s Best Travel SIM Provider” and helps you stay connected worldwide.

With BNESIM, you can get seamless connectivity in over 200 countries. Various data plans are available, so you can choose the coverage you need. You can also pay per day or month. BNESIM also offers phone, email, or live chat support to ensure you can get help when and where you may need it.

Browse BNESIM plans

10) DENT

dent esim

DENT keeps it simple with coverage in 70+ countries, and you don’t have to install your eSIM for each individual location. You can download the DENT app and install your eSIM within a few minutes.

Pay-as-you-go plans that don’t expire make DENT even more convenient. You can also choose a package that best suits your needs. 

Browse DENT plans

What are the best eSIM phones?

eSIM technology is becoming more widely supported by newer smartphones, smartwatches, and other mobile devices. If you have a Samsung Galaxy, Google Pixel, Apple iPhone or iPad made in the last five years then you should be good to go with your new eSIM. In fact, the GSM Association expects 60% of all smartphone units by 2025 will be eSIM compatible

Most providers will have a list of compatible devices on their website so double-check to make sure!

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Are eSIM cards better than traditional SIM cards?

eSIM cards and traditional SIM cards each have their own advantages and disadvantages, and which one is better depends on your specific needs and preferences.

If you want two options in your phone, but you don’t have dual SIM slots then this is a great option, likewise, if you are travelling through multiple countries and don’t want the hassle of changing SIM cards, or need a SIM fast.

Are eSIM cards safe?

eSIM cards are generally considered to be safe and secure. In fact, eSIMs can be more secure than traditional SIM cards because they are built into your device and cannot be easily removed or swapped.

They also use advanced security measures, such as encryption and authentication protocols, to protect your data and prevent unauthorized access. Still, choosing a reputable eSIM provider is important to ensure the best protection.

How do you install an eSIM card?

The process for installing an eSIM card can vary depending on your device and mobile carrier. However, the typical installation steps you follow after purchasing an eSIM plan are as follows:

  • Wait for the QR code or activation code from your eSIM provider
  • Scan the code or enter the activation code on your device,
  • Follow the prompts to complete the setup process
  • Confirm activation in the eSIM menu on your device.

Providers will typically give you a detailed step-by-step process to help you get set up. It usually takes less than five minutes, but I’ve always received immediate help when I’ve had problems from companies such as Airolo and Mint.

We hope you have found this guide to the best eSIM cards and providers helpful. Please consider sharing.

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