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Airalo eSIM Review: Instant Data for Travelers and Digital Nomads

When we were looking for a SIM Card for the US, and hadn’t picked up a prepaid one at the airport, we quickly realised that they weren’t as easy to find as we had assumed. Relying on public WIFI can be problematic, especially when you need maps for getting around.

This led us to discover one of our new favourite options for cheap data while abroad, Airalo eSim cards which are available in 190+ countries.

Read our full review of this revolutionary option for easily keeping connected wherever you are travelling.

airalo esim review

How Airalo eSIM cards work?

You simply purchase an Airalo eSIM card for the country you are travelling in, a regional SIM which will work as you travel across Asia, Europe, Africa, or the Caribbean islands, or you can purchase a global SIM.

You will be given a QR code to scan to add the SIM to your phone, or detailed instructions on how to add it manually — you won’t need to remove your old SIM card. There is also a chat box or email contact if you need further support or run into trouble — it took less than five minutes to have data.


Advantages of Airalo eSIM cards:

  • Quick and easy to set up with support if you have trouble
  • Flexible packages depending on your needs. Packages start with as little as 1GB of data and cost as little as $5 making it ideal if  are travelling on a budget or just need a little boost
  • Global and regional packages mean you don’t have to switch SIM cards from country to country making it a perfect option for digital nomads and long term travellers.
  • No hidden fees and easy to top up online/with the app when needed
  • The data gauge on your account/app means you can easily keep track of how much data you have left and top up
  • They have a friend referral program with a code you can share and earn credit, you also earn credit with every purchase. Your friend receives $3 of free credit using your code and so do you (JESSIC4133)
  • You can save cards to easily top them up so you don’t have to constantly add new cards to your phone

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What are the downsides of eSim Cards?

The main downside is that your eSIM doesn’t offer call or text capability, just data — though you will be able to keep your current SIM in your phone. 

Since their packages are much cheaper than most local SIM data deals, combining a local SIM or one from home with one of Airalo’s data packages still works out cheaper and more convenient than changing sim cards constantly.

The data also expired after a certain time, typically seven days or thirty dates depending on what package you have picked. If you are not sure you will use all of it then picking a smaller GB package and topping up later could be a much better option for you.

Tip: If you would prefer a portable WIFI solution for working online or as a backup then make sure to check out our highly recommended options.

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Is Airalo the Best eSIM option for travellers and digital nomads?

Airalo is one of our favourite and most reliable ways to pick up data quickly and easily, anywhere. The customer service is excellent and they have plenty of information on their site meaning you won’t have any trouble installing things yourself.

We would recommend installing an eSIM before you leave on your trip, so you get data immediately when you land at your destination but it is also easy to buy and install as long as you have WIFI at your hotel or at the airport. Check out our favourite VPN providers for digital nomads and travellers if you are using unsecured WIFI.

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