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The Best Freelance Communities for Support and Making Connections

While there are many benefits to freelancing, one drawback is isolation. The good news? Freelance communities can help you combat loneliness by making connections and getting support when needed.

Best Freelance Communities

Not only do 24% of freelancers report feeling lonely, but not having coworkers means you don’t have people to bounce ideas off of or ask for help. If you’re struggling with this, consider joining a freelancer community, like a membership group or virtual coworking space.

In this article, we’ll discuss what freelance communities are, the best options, and helpful tips for finding and joining a community you’ll enjoy.

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What are freelance communities?

Freelance communities are free or paid groups that allow you to connect with fellow freelancers. While there are some in-person communities, most remote workers join online communities.

Many of these communities have Slack or other online platforms where you can communicate. Different communities offer various resources, including work sessions, job opportunities, and supportive chats.

The Best Freelance Communities to Join

Whether you’re looking for forum-style communities or full-service options with resources, there are many to choose from.

Below, we’ll share freelance communities that offer support and connections, including:

  • Membership communities
  • Social media
  • Coworking spaces
  • Freelancers Union

Membership Communities

Membership communities are becoming more popular among freelancers. They’re an excellent way to network and have various resources handy for building community and growing your freelance business.

Here are some of the best memberships for freelancers:

Superpath: an online Slack community for the content marketing industryVarious memberships with different offers, including:

✅ Slack channels for job listings and general freelance information
✅ Superpath’s podcast transcripts
✅ Courses
Starting at $0 (cost for membership upgrades vary)
Peak Freelance: an online freelance writing community✅ Monthly events
✅ Blueprint to build your business
✅ Community chat
✅ Helpful resources
✅ Member challenges
✅ Podcast
Starting at $49/month
Groove: a coworking app for entrepreneurs✅ One-hour coworking sessions with a small group of creative entrepreneurs
✅ A few sessions each day
Starting at $10/month
Being Freelance: an online freelance spaceVarious memberships with different offers, including:

✅ Community chat
✅ Live Q&A sessions
✅ Virtual coworking
✅ A book club
✅ A job board
Starting at £6/month
The Freelance Friday Club: an online community with courses and coaching for freelancersVarious memberships with different offers, including:

✅ Community forum
✅ Live Q&A sessions
✅ Workshops
✅ Mini courses
✅ Private masterminds
Starting at $19.99/month

Social Media

If you use social media, this is an easy and cost-effective way to connect with like-minded people and find freelance support.

There are many Facebook groups, so it’s best to find one that fits the type of work you do. A few groups I’ve found helpful are:

LinkedIn is also a useful professional social media platform. Freelancers use LinkedIn to share and learn helpful information, and many are open to connecting and chatting with fellow freelancers.

Coworking Spaces

Many freelancers who find working at home lonely or want to meet more people go to a local coworking space. These are community centres that offer an office-like atmosphere with various workspaces. Many coworking spaces also have networking events, fitness centres, and lounge areas.

If you don’t have a coworking space in your area, want to co-work on a budget, or prefer connecting online, you might consider virtual coworking. With virtual coworking, you work alongside a group in an online space.

You can set up virtual coworking sessions yourself with freelancers you know using Zoom or Google Meet. You can also join an already-established virtual coworking space like CAVEDAY or Focusmate.

Freelancers Union

Freelancers Union is a non-profit organization offering freelancers support through advocacy, education, and services. It’s free to join and has countless resources for freelancers.

When you join the Freelancers Union, you get access to:

solis portable wifi
  • Help with finding healthcare coverage
  • Support with planning for retirement
  • Community networking and training events
  • Legal and financial resources

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Local meet-ups

Local meet-up groups are ideal if you’re looking to socialize with freelancers in your area. Platforms like Meetup and Eventbrite share local events. 

For example, people in your community (including yourself) can create an event on Meetup for freelancers and other entrepreneurs to get together. Eventbrite works similarly, where you can find local experiences, including business-related events.

Why is community important for freelancers?

Community is essential for freelancers because it helps you maintain or improve your success and personal well-being. 

I’ve met many freelancers, and I don’t know any who don’t attribute some of their success to a community of like-minded people. Research also shows that social connections lead to a longer life, better health, and improved wellness.

Having a network of other freelancers that you can communicate with lets you:

  • Build relationships and feel a sense of belonging
  • Give and receive support in times of need
  • Feel empowered by those with similar goals
  • Learn from freelancers who have different experiences
  • Help others by offering advice and sharing your knowledge
  • Get helpful resources to grow your freelance business

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Helpful Tips for Joining Freelance Communities

A lot goes into growing and maintaining a successful freelance business, so it can feel overwhelming. It can also be easy to prioritize other tasks over networking, but remember that community is necessary for your success and well-being.

Here are some tips to help you effectively join and be a part of a freelance community:

  • Write down what you’re looking for. Consider what resources you need, what kind of connections you want, and what platforms you like using. 
  • Join one community to start. Avoid getting overwhelmed by joining one or two communities, then more when you’re ready. Remember, it’s okay if you join one and find it’s not the best fit, as there are many other options.
  • Schedule time for making connections. Make it a priority to participate in your community by scheduling time for it just like you would client work.

We hope you found this article helpful and feel inspired to join a freelance community (or a few). If you want to learn more about freelancing, you might be interested in these articles:

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