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19 Best Newsletters for Freelancers and Remote Workers

If you are tired of your inbox being a joyless space of work emails, bills, and promotions then subscribe to some of our favourite newsletters whether you’re looking for something to perk you up on Friday, help you find a new online job, freelance gig, or keep up with the latest happenings online.

These newsletters are split into those that will help you career-wise as a freelancer and remote workers and those that will simply enhance your life in some way.

Tip: Don’t get overwhelmed with newsletters – set up a filter so they go to their own folder then you won’t miss them and can read them at your leisure.

Work Related & Personal Interest Newsletters

Freelance Writing Jobs

Weekly links to paying freelance and part-time writing jobs compiled by Sian Meades-Williams with the details of editors who are actively seeking pitches. All the positions are UK-based but that doesn’t mean only people from the UK can apply for the jobs. It is delivered to your inbox every Wednesday/Thursday and it is completely free for subscribers. Sian Meades-Williams also has a new book for freelancers out shortly called The Pyjama Myth.

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Lizzy Dening’s Out of Office

Out Of Office is a free, weekly newsletter for all self-employed women, written by award-winning journalist Lizzy Dening. It tackles everything from networking to overcoming overwhelm, professional jealously, and imposter syndrome. If you’ve ever felt lonely as a freelancer and do not know where to turn when it comes to these very real and common issues, then this newsletter will definitely make like you’re not alone.

Talking Travel Writing

This excellent newsletter is a must for travel writers as it offers practical and useful weekly advice on how to navigate the industry, tackling issues on ethics, finance, pitching, and networking. They also offer interviews and insight from editors and other freelancers. It’s a paid newsletter but once you subscribe you can access their whole back catalog of newsletters which includes pitching tips from BBC Travel, Nat Geo Traveller, and many more plus a subscriber-only Facebook group.

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Jem’s Journo Resources

A fabulous resource for writers and journalists. Jem sends out a comprehensive weekly newsletter with the latest journalist jobs for beginners, next-stage jobs as well as freelancers. They also include the latest writing prizes and opportunities for grants that you may be interested in. They also host informative and relevant classes that you can sign up for for a small fee.

Lance by Anna Codrea-Rado

This award-winning newsletter takes you behind the scenes of her creative and freelance career and discusses issues in a personal and informative way. Recent topics have included how she’s made money as a freelance journalist through 2020, how she’s kept her motivation to write, and how to find work that isn’t advertised anywhere.

Anna also recently brought out a book for professional freelancers called You’re the Business How to Build a Successful Career which we included in our best books for freelancers and digital nomads list.

Missed Pitches

A home for rejected story ideas, a new batch of creative pitches are sent out every Friday which need publication. If it’s the perfect idea for you then it’s yours to take and pitch elsewhere. Ideal for when your brain is simply not generating ideas.

Unpacking Media Bias

Sounding off about unconscious bias across the media, once a month. An op-ed, writing tip, language problem-solver, facts, and figures, plus links to interesting articles and videos—in one neat, free email.

Young Journos in Scotland

Work opportunities, grants, and internships for journalists in Scotland with a good dash of advice and encouragement.

Peak Freelance

Weekly writing tips for becoming a better freelance writer from people who have been freelance writing for over six years. They also share the best freelance jobs they’ve seen during the week.

The Remote Worker’s Club

Our bi-weekly newsletter focuses on topics for freelancers and digital nomads from the latest news, work opportunities, advice, and issues affecting anyone who works online with insight into our lives and how we became freelancers.

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Personal Growth, Community, and Good Fun Newsletters!

The Uplift Newsletter

As suggested by the title, this heartwarming newsletter drops pleasant stories and joyful things into your inbox once a week as well as honest discussions about mental health.


One for us digital nomads, this newsletter dives into some of the topics that remote workers and digital nomads will find interesting from tech to sustainability. It’s always nice to remember there’s a whole community out there of people who share your values and interests.

The Ann Friedman Weekly

Going since 2013 with over 50,000 subscribers, this newsletter provides great writing from the far-flung corners of the internet and what Ann is currently reading, watching, and thinking about.

My Sweet Dumb Brain

A newsletter about facing life’s ups and downs all while being good to yourself. There’s a free and paid plan depending on how many letters you want access to and topics include everything from dealing with grief to managing big changes in your life.

The Indie Insider

Keep up with the latest independent literature and always have a new and exciting release to pick up and discuss. Run by people passionate about books and literature, this newsletter is a joy to receive in your inbox.

Books and Bao

Another dose of self-promotion and another one that’s perfect for literature lovers. Our sister site Books and Bao has a monthly newsletter that keeps you up with the latest exciting literature as well as film and tv show recommendations.

The Single Supplement

The Single Supplement is a newsletter exploring the highs and lows of the single experience. It’s like having a good friend come to your inbox once a week to chat about the week’s happenings, recommend you some great further reading, and generally have a chat about topics that are relevant to women. It’s marketed at single women but everyone will get enjoyment out of it.

Tigers are Better Looking

Tigers Are Better Looking is a weekly lifestyle and culture newsletter created by award-winning writers Sian Meades-Williams and Laura Brown. A collection of curiosity, unearthing all of the things that make life beautiful, delicious, and interesting.

Helen Lewis’s The Bluestocking

Staff writer at The Atlantic, this newsletter keeps you up with the latest goings-on online with a hefty dose of criticism and wit. Topics range from the latest literature and tv shows to feminist theory and discussion on the culture wars. If you struggle to keep up with the latest cultural discourse then this is the newsletter you have been looking for.

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