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Your Complete Guide to Working Remotely in Tbilisi

If you’re considering working remotely in Tbilisi, Georgia, here is everything you need to know, from rental and visa options to cafes, and coworking spaces.

Many would say the best part of being a digital nomad is having the option to explore and learn about new cultures while working ourselves. We often hear about Bali, Thailand, and Colombia as hot spots for remote workers.

remote working in tbilisi georgia

Today, we’re here to tell you all about a wonderful city that is ideal for those who work and travel and love a rich culture of food, history, and outdoor pursuits: Tbilisi, Georgia. 

The chance to live and work in Georgia – and immerse yourself in Georgian culture in the process – is a huge privilege.

When working remotely, we need to know about the location, where to stay and work, and the pros and cons of the city.

Keep reading for a full guide to working and living in Tbilisi.

Five Facts About Tbilisi

If you’re interested in working in a new place, you will want to know a few things about it. Georgia has a long and fascinating history, it’s at the heart of the Caucasus region between the Black Sea and the Caspian Sea, once part of the Soviet Union and the country where Joseph Stalin himself was born.

Here are five fun facts about the city of Tbilisi, the capital of Georgia.

  1. Georgia is a country located at the intersection of Europe and Asia in a region known as the Caucasus.
  2. Tbilisi is the capital and largest city in Georgia with a population of about 1 million people.
  3. Tbilisi is commonly known for its stunning architecture, kind locals, and vibrant nightlife.
  4. There’s a cable car terminal that provides a top-notch view of the city.
  5. Tbilisi is a wine-lovers dream! Fun fact: there’s a local wine that’s orange.

Book Rec: If you’re looking for some great fiction set in Georgia, then try The Pear Field, written by award-winning Georgian film director Nana Ekvtimishvili.

Where to Stay in Tbilisi

As tourists continue to find out about this special part of the world, there is more and more accommodation available in Tbilisi for travellers and digital nomads alike. The best part is that it’s easy to find affordable places to stay in especially when compared to other cities popular with remote workers.

Popular Areas to Live in Tbilisi for Digital Nomads

There is plenty of choice for people looking for somewhere to live in the capital whether you’re on a strict budget and would prefer somewhere slightly further out or you’d rather be in the centre.

  • Vake/Vera: This popular neighborhood features parks, cafes, and greenery.
  • New Tifilis/Marjanishivili: While somewhat touristy and full of bars and restaurants, there are also local spots in the mix.
  • Saburtalo: This area is filled with others who have come to Georgia to work so there is a strong international community. You will also find daily comforts including grocery stores, restaurants, coffee shops, and coworking spaces.
  • Sololaki: While it’s not very green, you can find some of the best places to eat, a mall, and lots of character.
  • Mtatsminda: It’s one of the largest districts in Tbilisi and has lots to offer including the highest point in the city.
Tbilisi Old Town street

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How to Find Short-Term Rentals in Tbilisi

Whether you are looking to rent short or long term, there are a few techniques when it comes to finding Tbilisi rentals that are ideal for you.

  • Apartment Rental Websites: There are various big rental agencies whose websites are in several languages including Georgian, English, and Russian. It’s nice using an agent as they can show you several places in one afternoon. It has also possible to negotiate on prices and lengths of leases, so that’s something to keep in mind.
  • Facebook Groups: There are several groups that share upcoming rentals on a regular basis. This one is a great place to start! Rental companies, people looking to sublease, and smaller property managers will share their properties on Facebook pages for you to contact directly.
  • Airbnb: Airbnb is often the ideal solution, especially when you first arrive and want somewhere for a month while you get yourself sorted. Business Insider named Tbilisi as the cheapest place to rent an Airbnb in Europe.

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Where to Work in Tbilisi

When it comes to finding a great cafe or coworking space, Tbilisi has location independent workers covered. There are a number of places with free WiFi and there are spots to become a member of where you can confidently get your work done.

Cafes in Tbilisi

Here we’ve got a few of the best cafes in Tbilisi, but there’s plenty more where these came from offering a great work vibe.

  • 144 Stairs Cafe: This is a great place to get comfortable indoors or outdoors and work with a view.
  • Prospero’s Books Cafe: It’s a bookstore but also a popular spot for working. It’s quiet and there’s a variety of seating options.
  • Cafe Mziuri: Now this one is an excellent place to get busy in a peaceful atmosphere. It’s located right in the center of a quiet park.
Tbilisi cafes for remote working

Co-working Spaces in Tbilisi

Being a place that invites digital nomads, Tbilisi offers several coworking spaces designed perfectly for digital nomads.

  • Impact Hub: Located in a happening area, this a great place to get things done while sipping free tea and coffee.
  • Terminal Khorava: This beautiful coworking space offers impressive architecture and cozy seats.
  • LOKAL Tbilisi: A creative coworking and coliving space offering a community to be part of. Running regular events and a great space to work in.

And, remember when we mentioned the kindness of Georgians? Well, they are such great hosts that some have come together to create this platform. It offers cosy workspaces in local communities to digital nomads for free.

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solis portable wifi

Pros and Cons of Working Remotely and Living in Tbilisi

Like anywhere, there is a mixture of amazing things about living in Tbilisi and some challenging aspects. Here’s everything you need to know.

georgian food in tbilisi

Why is Tbisili Great for Digital Nomads?

  • There’s no major hassle when it comes to entry and short term stays. Digital nomads, and all tourists for that matter, can be in Tbilisi for up to a year without a visa.
  • The food is incredible and so is the wine. Some wonderful traditional foods to try in Georgia include: Khinkali – soup-filled dumplings that are similar to Chinese xiao long bao, Mtsvadi – skewered and marinated meat. and Ajapsandali which is similar, yet far more garlic and spice-laden, to ratatouille.
  • It’s a shopper’s haven. You may not always be able to find items you’re used to, but there are markets, malls, and stalls everywhere!
  • The Tbilisi nightlife scene is happening whether you’re looking to go clubbing, keep it classy with a nice glass of wine, or sip a tasty brew at a beer garden.
  • When you have some time off, there are tons of places to take day trips including the charming old capitals Mtskheta and Kutaisi, and the incredible David Gareji Monastery Complex.
  • Did we mention the locals are some of the most welcoming people in this world?
  • While caution is important anywhere you go, Tbilisi is generally a safe place to be.
  • There is good internet speed allowing remote work to be totally doable and convenient.

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winter in Tbilisi georgia

What are the Downsides of Living in Tbisili?

  • As beautiful a city as Tbilisi is, the traffic leaves a lot to be desired.
  • Tbilisi can get extremely polluted, especially in winter which is something to keep mindful of. Consider packing a Vogmask or similar air pollution filter mask and, if you are there long term, consider an air filter for your home.
  • As Georgia is a small country, there aren’t as many travel opportunities as there are in some other places. Though a trip to other countries in the Caucasus Region is always an exciting option.
  • The weather isn’t always ideal. Winters can get very cold and summers can get quite hot. Rainy days are not rare either.
  • If you are looking to learn the local language, Georgian can be quite difficult to catch on to.

The good news is that there are many more pros than cons to working remotely in Tbilisi and whether your time in Georgia is brief or long term, you’re certain to see and learn things you wouldn’t elsewhere.

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