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SafteyWing Digital Nomad Travel & Health Insurance: Remote Worker Review 

Ensuring you are sufficiently insured as a traveller is important, but things get complicated when you are a digital nomad or remote worker who needs travel and health insurance. 

For example, how do you cover yourself if you are moving from country to country when many traditional travel insurances don’t cover if you are already abroad? What if you want to be covered in multiple countries or even entire regions?

digital nomad travel insurance

Perhaps most problematic is how do you cover yourself when you have no idea how long you will be abroad?

As someone who has been a digital nomad for over three years and tried all of the major travel insurances geared towards travellers and nomads, I just keep coming back to SafteyWing for multiple reasons and want to share my experience with them as an insurance provider.

Do digital nomads need travel and health insurance?

Traveling without insurance is never worth the risk and life as a digital nomad make insurance even more essential as extended periods away from home make it more likely you’ll need to access medical care somewhere away from home.

Many basic insurance plans won’t cover extended world travel and certainly won’t cover long-term preventative health care needs.

Digital nomads are also likely traveling with more tech than the average person, and insurance that covers your work essentials such as your work laptop is also important.

Insurance plans that are specifically for digital nomads typically offer flexible plans that operate across multiple countries and regions and also cover you for short periods when you are home.

It’s also important to note that many typical insurance providers won’t cover you unless you are covered by health insurance in your home country. This is particularly important for US citizens.

Why SafteyWing is the best insurance for remote workers and digital nomads

SafteyWing is best for someone who travels freely and wants full-coverage healthcare worldwide, including their home country.

digital nomad insurance review

SafteyWing Pros

  • You can pay for the time you are away or set up a monthly subscription model to cover until you cancel.
  • It is easy to add people to your insurance if you are a couple or group, which saves money if you’re travelling with others.
  • USA coverage can easily be added on if needed. 
  • You can buy coverage while you are already travelling, it doesn’t have to be done before you leave. This leaves room for flexibility which many other providers don’t.
  • You are covered for Covid-19, and their Nomad Insurance also covers quarantine outside your home country for $50/day for up to 10 days.
  • You are covered for incidental visits home for thirty days (fifteen days for the US). 
  • Plans are affordable, typically starting at $42, which is cheaper than many other plans we costed. 
  • Aside from medical costs, you are also covered for travel essentials such as delays, theft, and lost luggage.
  • Up to 2 children under 10 per family (1 per adult) can be included on your insurance.

If you need to access healthcare when you are travelling, you can use the online ID card they provide you, which has all of your insurance details. SafteyWing also gives clear instructions on your site to help you find a hospital, as outlined below, which is particularly important if you are in the US.

safteywing choose a hospital

Filing a Claim with SafteyWing

We’ve always found communication easy using their live chat and through email and have never been kept waiting. The claims process is clear and straightforward. And can be submitted through their website following the process outlined below.


safteywing digital nomad insurance file a claim

We were personally very impressed SafteyWing during the early stages of the pandemic when they helped us with our emergency flight home when many other providers were not as helpful.

Coming Soon: Safteywing Remote Health

Get comprehensive health insurance that works in any country. Meant for full-time nomads, it’s all you need to stay safe abroad — no matter how long you stay or where you go.

They also have unique upcoming features such as a remote doctor, remote mental health support, remote pension scheme, etc. All of which tells us that SafteyWing have the real issues facing digital nomads in mind.
Tip: Don’t miss our comparison guide if you would like to compare SafteyWing with other travel and health insurance providers for digital nomads.

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