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14 Inspirational Movies About Nomads and Travellers

Whether you’re a traveller looking for your next Friday night movie or you need some inspiration to set off on a digital nomad experience – these films are must-watches. From unique adventures to inspiring stories and everything in between, continue reading for some of the best movies about nomads.

movies about nomads

These movies include stories about creating a meaningful life, unique journeys across the world, and determined solo travellers. No matter what kind of film-watcher you are, there’s something for everyone! These films will leave you feeling exhilarated, motivated, and may even give you some ideas on where your next destination will be.

Check out our favourite movies about nomads!

1) Into the Wild

Into the Wild is one of the best movies about nomads to watch when it comes to road-tripping and breaking free from society’s expectations. It’s a real-life film about an A-list college student who decided to sell all of his belongings after graduating. After giving up his savings to charity, he embarks on a one-of-a-kind adventure and drives through the United States to Alaska. 

into the wold film

It’s easy to connect with the main actor as he shares his need to get rid of personal possessions and the quest to find more meaning within his life. This film features life lessons, inspiration, and a story that keeps you on the edge of your seat.

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2) Nomadland

As one of the newest movies about nomads, Nomadland is about a woman in her sixties who’s lost everything due to the Great Recession. After also losing her husband and being completely alone, she heads off on a grand van-life trip around America.

nomadland movie

This movie is ideal for those with a sense of adventure and especially those who want to learn more about America’s beauty and road-tripping. Conversations and adventures that take place during this film share how to fulfil travel dreams, work through grief, and stay safe on the road. Nomadland is the perfect movie to watch for motivation to live a more fulfilling life.

3) Wild

In the movie Wild, Reese Witherspoon heads off for a solo hike as she continues to work towards overcoming a personal tragedy. What makes her adventure so unique is that she is completely inexperienced. She spends her journey working hard to figure everything out on her own. 

wild movie

As she learns how to sleep in the wild and find her next meal with limited options, you can’t help but be incredibly impressed and inspired. This is one of the best movies about nomads for finding the strength to learn new things, be independent, and heal.  

4) Eat, Pray, Love

After coming to a crossroads in her life, Julia Roberts sets off on a journey to self-discovery travelling to several countries to find the peace she’s looking for. 

eat pray love movie

First, she finds enjoyment through Italy’s delicious cuisine before discovering the power of prayer in India. Finally, she finds balance and peace in Bali. A popular film within the travel community, if you’re looking for motivation to dive more into who you truly are and what matters most in your life, Eat Pray Love is an excellent movie to watch!

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5) Hunt for the Wilderpeople

This adventure comedy-drama is one of the more light-hearted movies about nomads though still one that will tug on your heartstrings. Directed by New Zealand indie darling Taika Waititi, Hunt for the Wilder People features a defiant juvenile named Ricky who decides it’s time for a fresh start in the bush after a tragedy hits his foster family.

hunt for the wilderpeople movie

Ricky either has to go to a new foster family or find a way to stay where he is and with no desire to be placed with a new family, he has some tricks up his sleeve leading the nation on a manhunt. The incredible acting filled with witty humour and extreme pathos keeps viewers watching until the very end. The shots of the New Zealand bush will also have you booking your plane tickets.

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6) Tracks

Based on a true story, Tracks is the story of a girl who treks solo through almost 2,000 miles of the Australian desert. With a mission to break free from the society of other people, she’s eager to be alone with her cherished dog and the animals in the desert.

tracks movies about nomads

This adventure isn’t an easy one as the main character, Robyn, learns to train camels and encounters hostile people and animals on her adventure. Then, she struggles to earn money when she runs out of funds. Tracks offer watchers real-life scenarios and an interesting story about surviving many aspects of travel.

solis portable wifi

7) The Secret Life of Walter Mitty

Another adventure comedy-drama, The Secret Life of Walter Mitty is the story of an ordinary man who escapes a mundane life to find adventure. To complete an interesting mission, he has to escape his comfort zone of an unadventurous life. He sets off on an exciting journey that keeps viewers waiting to see what will happen next.

secret life of walter mitty

Many kinds of travellers can connect with Walter and the events of this film. Travel newbies and veterans are sure to want to plan for life’s next adventure after this one.

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8) The Way

Get ready to be moved by this one. The Way shares the journey of a father searching for his son who didn’t survive his walk of the Camino de Santiago. During his experience, he comes to many realizations. Over time, he encounters other travellers who are also looking for something. 

the way poster

This story is sure to draw you in as you follow along with this father looking for more meaning. It’s filled with emotions from heartwarming to inspiring.

9) Darjeeling Limited

This comedy-drama isn’t your typical cheesy comedy but is sure to bring a few laughs. It’s about a few brothers who reunite in India to go on a spiritual journey together. Darjeeling Limited takes viewers on a journey with the brothers who go on several adventures together and apart as they try to learn about themselves, each other, and life. 

darjeeling limited movie

From working through hardships to hiking through the wilderness, this film shares real-life experiences that we may face as digital nomads ourselves.

10) Into The Cold: A Journey of the Soul

If you’re looking to witness true endurance, then Into The Cold is the one for you. It’s the story of two men’s journey on foot to the North Pole in freezing temperatures. Although they’re pushing to make it through harsh coldness, they remain determined and get to encounter incredible views on their way.

into the cloud movie

Viewers get insight into where the men come from, how they prepare before and during their expedition, and their insights on the adventure. This documentary-style program isn’t as light-hearted as some of the others, but it takes you on a wild adventure many of us travellers love.

11) UP

If you haven’t seen this Disney classic yet, it’s definitely one that will tug on the heartstrings as you watch these nomads adventuring. It’s about an elderly man who decides to take the trip he’s been dreaming of after the tragic loss of his wife.

up movie travel

He ties thousands of balloons to his house and sets off with a boy scout to South America. On their way, many new friends join them along with a talking dog. UP will bring on many emotions being as inspiring and funny as it is and may even bring on a few tears, too. One of the best movies about nomads when you want something wholesome and adorable.

12) Minimalism: A Documentary About the Important Things

This documentary shares the decision two friends made to leave ‘The American Dream’ lifestyle where they worked long hours to make enough money for material things. They decided to lead a life that allowed them to follow their passions and find more meaning. 

minimalism movie for nomads

This story is inspirational, especially for digital nomads. It shares the importance of having fewer things in order to focus on what brings true happiness: relationships, growth, health, and more. Not only does Minimalism tell a story, but it also shows how we, too, can work towards living a more purposeful life. It might even help you learn to pack minimally.

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13) Pedal the World

Pedal the World shares the journey of a young German man who quit his job to get on his bicycle to explore the world. He spent about a year travelling through 22 countries – a traveller’s dream, right? This true film provides incredible insight into what this world has to offer and what we can offer the world. 

pedal the world poster

Pedal the World is a great watch for anyone who enjoys adventure dreams of freedom or needs some motivation to break free into the great unknown.

14) The Bucket List

When two terminally ill men get together, they decide to live the rest of their life chasing the next adventure. They work to create a bucket list, then hit the road to check it off. They go race car driving, skydiving, and just about everything in between. 

the bucket list movie

In the process of exploring the world together, they find the ultimate joys in living and form a special friendship with one another. The Bucket List brings some tears, a lot of laughs, and perhaps more inspiration to live every day to its fullest.

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