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LA for Digital Nomads (A Complete Remote Work Guide)

If you’re considering remote work in Los Angeles, you’re in the right place! In this article, we’ll share everything you need to know about living and working in LA.

LA for digital nomads

With considerable efforts to create an environment that supports working remotely, Los Angeles has become an excellent location for remote workers. And as one of the largest counties in the United States, the opportunities and activities are endless.

Below, we’ll discuss the top places to live in LA, the best things to see and do, and our favorite cafes and coworking spaces. We’ll also answer common questions about working remotely in Los Angeles.

Tip: If you have any other questions about remote working in LA, you can contact Jess, founder of Nomad Finance and Freedom, who lives and remote works there.

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Is Los Angeles a good place to work remotely?

Los Angeles is one of the best places to work remotely because there are so many opportunities. 

Not only is the weather gorgeous, but there’s so much to see and do. Digital nomads love going to LA to enjoy the food and art scene, trendy bars, scenic beaches, and much more. 

There are also countless coworking spaces and cafes that offer the perfect atmosphere for working and meeting other remote workers.

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Best Areas to Stay in LA for Digital Nomads

Los Angeles County is one of the largest counties in the US, with almost a hundred cities and over 400 neighborhoods. Below, we’ve compiled a list of the best places to work remotely in LA.

Whether you’re interested in living in a lively location or somewhere more relaxed, there’s something for everyone. We also have iconic destinations, artsy districts, and tucked-away neighborhoods close to nature.

Remote Working in Santa Monica

working in santa monica la

Santa Monica is easily one of the best places in the US for digital nomads and remote workers who are looking for a relaxed vibe, time at the beach, and fun activities including some great hikes nearby.

Santa Monica also has various coffee shops and coworking spaces, so there are many possibilities for productivity and networking.

We also love that Santa Monica is so walkable, making it easy to get around, explore, and go shopping. It’s also typically cooler and breezier weather.

Where to work in Santa Monica:

  • Blankspaces: a coworking space steps from the beach with various workspaces
  • Love Coffee Bar: a contemporary cafe with ample indoor and outdoor seating

Remote Working in Downtown LA (DTLA)

If you’re looking for a city-life atmosphere with a lot to see and do (especially if you love seeing shows and concerts and going to museums) consider working remotely in Downtown LA. \Popular spots include Grand Central Market, The Last Bookstore, and The Broad Museum.

working in downtown LA

The Downtown LA district is large and consists of several smaller areas, including:

  • Chinatown: a lively neighborhood with unique culture
  • Little Tokyo: A smaller area with great Japanese food and stores
  • The Arts District: an artsy area ideal for creatives 
  • Historic Core: a modern district with stunning architecture and upscale dining and drinking

Where to work in Downtown LA:

solis portable wifi
  • WeWork: a conveniently-located modern coworking spot with ample indoor and outdoor spaces and wellness rooms
  • Maru Coffee: a large, hip space with ample room for working

Remote Working in Venice

remote working in venice beach

If you’re a digital nomad looking to settle at the beach, Venice is an ideal option. We love Venice because it’s an excellent place to relax, enjoy the ocean, and try delicious food. Make sure to take a relaxing walk on the Venice canals and go shopping on Abbot Kinney.

There are also plenty of cafes and coworking spaces in Venice (and nearby) to ensure you get your work done between visiting the beach and exploring.

Where to work in Venice:

West Hollywood

working in west hollywood

West Hollywood is another one of our favourite places in LA for remote working. It offers a fun atmosphere with so much to explore in popular areas, including Sunset Strip and Santa Monica Boulevard.

West Hollywood is also one of the best digital nomad cities for LGBTQ people. It’s known for its lively gay community and its annual WeHo Pride, one of the best LGBTQ events in the world.

Where to work in West Hollywood:

  • WeWork: a multi-use venue for working and networking, surrounded by dining, fitness, and more 
  • West Hollywood Public Library: a quiet spot to focus with ample seating, free wifi, and gorgeous views

Where to work in Hollywood:

  • Second Home: If you’re based in Hollywood (or don’t mind a short drive) then don’t miss this gem.

    A gorgeous coworking space with private offices and shared spaces, filled with fresh air, plants, and natural light. If membership isn’t ideal, they have day pass/day pass bundles available.

Los Feliz

working in los feliz

If you want to work remotely in LA and be close to nature, Los Feliz is a wonderful area to be based.

Los Feliz is a laid-back neighborhood in Central LA that has everything you need close by. It’s a stone’s throw from the much beloved Griffith Park where you can take hikes, join outdoor classes, watch shows, or just relax.

There are also several trendy cafes perfect for working in the area, wonderful Skylight Books, and delicious restaurants.

Where to work in Los Feliz:

  • Epiphany Space: a space for artists, creative professionals, and freelancers just outside of Los Feliz
  • Blue Bottle Coffee: a charming cafe with indoor and outdoor seating


working in silver lake

Silverlake is a hipster haven. Digital nomads enjoy the quirky atmosphere, fun bars and restaurants, and live shows.

You can also find excellent places to get outdoors and enjoy nature. And what we love most about Silverlake are the funky cafes ideal for connecting to WiFi and getting work done.

You’re also a stone’s throw from Los Feliz and Echo Park with its own selection of eclectic shops, park . and famous weekly farmer’s market

Where to work in Silverlake:

  • Café Tropical: a charming spot that serves coffee, pastries, and sandwiches ideal for working
  • Muddy Paw Coffee: a casual, dog-themed coffee shop with inside seating and a patio

Cost of Living in LA

cost of living in los angeles

Los Angeles is one of the most expensive cities in the world, but many nomads find the cost worth it in exchange for a gorgeous climate, picturesque beaches, and rich culture.

That said, it’s important to understand what to expect in terms of the cost of living.

Here are the average costs of basic expenses in LA:

  • Accommodation: Average rent for a 1 bedroom apartment in the city is $2,676, or $2,120 outside of the city.
  • Dining: Dining out costs about $24 per meal.
  • Drinks: A beer typically costs $8 or more, while a coffee costs about $6.
  • Transportation: Public local transport costs about $1.75 for a one-way trip.

Although Los Angeles is more pricey than many other remote work destinations, there are several ways you can comfortably live in LA and enjoy your experience. For guidance, check out these resources:

How to Find Accommodation in LA

Before you secure a long-term accommodation, we always recommend booking a short-term stay first. 

Many hotels and Airbnbs in Los Angeles are excellent for a shorter stay while you find suitable long-term accommodation. You will also find plenty of options (and some great deals) on Craigslist but be careful of scammers.

Here are some of the best sites for finding a rental:

Fun Things to Do in LA

Now that we’ve gone over the important details of working in Los Angeles, let’s discuss the good stuff – what you can do for fun in LA during your off time!

As you can see from the rundown above of the best areas in LA for remote workers, each location offers unique activities.

Here are some popular and lesser-known things to do in LA:

  • Visit the world’s largest Koreatown. LA’s Koreatown offers fun all day and night, from trendy bars and hip speakeasies to endless dining and karaoke.
  • Attend a local event. Los Angeles always has events happening, from concerts and festivals to sporting events and markets. 
  • Hang out at the beach. LA County has more than 70 miles of beautiful coastline, making for the perfect location to spend time on the beach.
  • See a rooftop movie. There are a couple of movie theaters with rooftop showings.
  • Visit iconic sites. Warner Brother Studios, Universal Studios, and Grand Central Market are must-visits in LA.
  • Go on a food tour. Los Angeles’s diverse food scene, with something for everyone, is one of its best attractions. There are many guided food tours for experiencing the best of LA’s dining.
  • Take a day trip. There are so many incredible places to visit that are close to LA, including Santa Barbara, Palm Springs, and Joshua Tree National Park.
  • Watch a live performance. If you enjoy live shows, there’s always one happening in LA. Various restaurants and theaters host comedy shows, music concerts, and theater performances.

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Should I Remote Work in LA as an LGBTQ+ Person

working in west hollywood

LA is considered to be a very queer-friendly city with plenty of fun things to do, a famous Pride celebration every year, and a thriving gay bar and clubbing scene.

There are still constant events, clubs, and classes to get involved outside of partying. These are best found by following Instagram pages such as: Queer Run Club LA, (who post weekly lists of events for queer people, sapphic and otherwise), and Being Queer in LA.

Neighbourhoods that have a high queer population include Silver Lake, West Hollywood, Long Beach, and Highland Park

Do I pay taxes in California if I work remotely?

Yes, you must pay taxes if you’re a US citizen working remotely in California. That said, you can’t legally work here if you’re not from the U.S.

To learn more about digital nomad taxes, check out this article.

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