5 Best Laptop Lights for Video Conferencing (+ Lighting Tips)

Laptop Lights for Video Conferencing

Getting your lighting right is so important for looking good during conference calls. Zoom, in particular, doesn’t have a low lighting mode so you need to be using it in a well-lit room to look presentable on camera. Sometimes, the accommodation you’re staying in simply has terrible natural lighting or you’re doing a conference in … Read more

10 Best Websites for Finding Online Work Now

find online jobs

If you’re looking to learn about how you can find online work, you are in the right place. Remote work has many benefits like the ability to work a flexible schedule and the possibility of travelling around Southeast Asia or other areas you’ve dreamt of seeing while earning an income. Wether you’re hoping to finally … Read more

Ten Simple Steps to Creating a Successful Podcast at Home

Starting a Successful Podcast

If you are thinking about starting your own podcast and want to know where to start or wondering what you are letting yourself in for, then these ten steps will lay it out for you in a clear and practical way. Making a successful podcast at home doesn’t have to be expensive and anyone can … Read more

11 Inspiring Books on Minimalism (& Sustainable Living)

books on minimalism

People are looking to change their lives in a meaningful way, this year more than ever. Whether that’s to curb overspending on items we’ve been tempted into, to declutter a home to make for a living or office space that enhances our lives, or to reduce our carbon footprint and household waste. With this movement, … Read more

6 Best Personal Finance Books to Read in 2021


It’s always a perfect time to learn more about money, investing, debt management, and saving so here are the best and most accessible personal finance books to do just that. We could all use a little help getting our personal finances in order and this is doubly important if you are someone who moves around … Read more