Applying for the ETIAS Visa Waiver: Everything You Need to Know

travel europe etias visa guide

Anyone who has travelled to the US in recent years using the ESTA visa will already know roughly what to expect when applying for Europe’s new equivalent. Delayed due to the global travel citation, the ETIAS (European Travel Information and Authorization System) is now scheduled to launch on January 1st 2022 (subject to change) and … Read more

How to Travel Through the Schengen Visa Free as a Digital Nomad

travel schengen zone visa free

Navigating the Schengen Zone as a digital nomad can be confusing, in this article we’re going to explain what visa free travel is, show you sample itineraries of how you can legally travel between the Schengen Zone and Non-Schengen Zone indefinitely, what to do if you overstay your visa, and bilateral agreements which you may … Read more

The Best Asia Visas for Remote Workers (and how to apply)

asia visas

Many digital nomads head to Asia for the diversity of travel options, networking opportunities, and comparatively low cost of living (in some countries). Here, we’re going to discuss the remote work Asia visas that allow you to legally work abroad, working holidays visas, and whether or not you should work on tourist visas at all. Should … Read more

European Countries Offering Visas for Freelancers (+ How to Apply)

Visas for freelancers

If you’re a new remote worker or a seasoned digital nomad and are wondering how to apply for the visas for freelancers available around Europe then read on. Countries all around the world are quickly becoming aware of how lucrative it can be to invite digital nomads in with a visa for freelancers, and provide … Read more