Freelancer Tips: What to Do When a Client Won’t Pay You

client won't pay invoice

If you are in the position where a client won’t pay, here are some simple steps to follow to ensure that you get what you are owed, and to avoid having to chase payments in the future. Being a freelancer can be wonderful. You (ideally) get to work on projects you’re passionate about — or … Read more

What is Passive Income? (8 Ways to Get Started Right Now)

passive income get started now

If you’ve been wondering what passive income is and how to get started then check out these seven easy ways towards a side hustle that works for you. A lot of people think you need to have money to make money and, while that certainly helps, there is nothing stopping you from generating a healthy … Read more

European Countries Offering Visas for Freelancers (+ How to Apply)

Visas for freelancers

If you’re a new remote worker or a seasoned digital nomad and are wondering how to apply for the visas for freelancers available around Europe then read on. Countries all around the world are quickly becoming aware of how lucrative it can be to invite digital nomads in with a visa for freelancers, and provide … Read more

10 Best Digital Nomad Backpacks for 2021

digital nomad backpacks

Discover the best digital nomad backpack for you, whatever your travel and work style. As remote workers and digital nomads, our laptops are absolutely vital to keeping our life and work in order. Moving safely with your laptop and accessories requires absolute protection and a specifically designed laptop backpack is the most convenient way to … Read more

10 Essential Freelancer Tips for Beginners

freelancer tips for beginners

When going freelance, as a writer or otherwise, there are plenty of questions you’ll have, mistakes you might make, and hurdles to jump over. Ultimately, all of this is worth it because going freelance can be wonderful and life changing. And, by following these freelance tips for beginners, you can find answers to those early … Read more

How to Work Remotely Without Paying Rent

Nomad finance and freedom

For countless people around the world, remote work is a dream. Being a remote worker or a digital nomad, working from home or from a cafe, or even having the freedom to travel and work from a laptop. All of this is possible and achievable. We’ve already talked here about how to find remote work … Read more

10 Airbnbs in London Suitable for Remote Workers

Cozy Working at Home

London is, undeniably, one of the best cities in the world for digital nomads and remote workers in terms of networking and opportunity. In downtime it’s also one of the most dynamic places to be with endless bars, one of the best dining and theatre scenes in the world, and a calender full of events … Read more

How to Get Started With Long-Term House Sitting

house sitting guide

As long-time travellers and lovers of pets, we were quite late to the long-term house sitting lifestyle, despite it being a fairly obvious choice for us in terms of combining all the things we love. In the end, it was actually a good friend in Tokyo who pointed us in this direction and taught us … Read more