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10 Best Websites for Finding Online Work Now

If you’re looking to learn about how you can find online work, you are in the right place. Remote work has many benefits like the ability to work a flexible schedule and the possibility of travelling around Southeast Asia or other areas you’ve dreamt of seeing while earning an income.

find online jobs

Whether you’re hoping to finally be location independent or trying to change up your day-to-day and find a new gig, there are so many opportunities out there for remote work.

We’re here to tell you about our favourite websites to find these opportunities.

Keep in mind that these sites are in no specific order. The ones that will work best for you are going to depend on what kind of work you do or are interested in doing.

Freelance Marketplaces and Platforms

An online freelance marketplace and/or platform are great ways to find remote jobs. Freelancers like photographers, writers, and designers display their services and businesses hire individuals to complete a job for them.

These marketplaces and platforms provide freelancers with helpful information, a like-minded community, and a management portal. 

If you’ve got a freelance skill to offer (you definitely do), here are some sites for online work worth checking out.

best websites for online work

1) Fiverr

Fiverr is an online marketplace for freelancers and offers services from copywriting to social media marketing. A freelancer, or seller, creates a profile where they list their service(s) or gigs.

Freelancers set their own prices and can offer add-ons. Clients, or buyers, find the services they’re looking for and pay for them. Fiverr holds their money until the assignment is complete.

Fiverr is great because you set your own rates, hours, and work location. On the downside, it can take time to build up full-time hours and you may have to start at a lower rate than you’d like. It’s important to note that Fiverr takes a portion of your pay because, well, they also have to make money.

2) Upwork

Upwork is very similar to Fiverr in that they are both ways to find clients who are looking for services you can offer. On Upwork, freelancers create a profile to display services they offer and freelancers can apply to work on Upwork. Unlike Fiverr, Upwork clients are sometimes looking for long-term work relationships.

Upwork allows freelancers to seek out and apply to jobs they’re interested in, but this can get competitive. It can take time to make decent money, but it gets easier after a couple of successful assignments. Like Fiverr, Upwork takes a cut of what you make.

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3) UnderPinned

UnderPinned offers so many things from a virtual office that allows users to build a free portfolio to coaching to help you grow your business. Once you’re ready to get to work, Underpinned has a job board to help you find new clients from wherever you are.

UnderPinned allows you to do and access many things for free, but there are upgrades at a cost if you’re interested. We have a 25% discount available if you use the code NOMAD25

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Job Boards and Networking

For remote work outside of freelancing, you can find online work via job boards and networking platforms. On these kinds of sites, employers post job opportunities of all kinds (including the occasional freelance gig).

If you want to work from home, you can use filters to see only jobs that fit this criterion.

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4) Linkedin

There’s a good chance you’ve heard of Linkedin, but how can it be used to find online work? Linkedin is an online platform used worldwide for career development and professional networking.

It’s free to use (with upgrades if you choose to use them). If you haven’t created a profile on Linkedin to display your educational and work background, that’s the first step. 

You can specifically find remote jobs and freelance work on Linkedin using a search filter. You can also join discussion groups and your desire to work from home with connections you make on Linkedin. 

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5) We Work Remotely

To find jobs that are strictly remote, head over to It’s free to use and there are jobs for people all over the world in or interested in fields from marketing to programming to customer support.

When you come across a job that appeals to you, you will click to apply and it takes you to the company’s website to walk you through the process. 

What makes We Work Remotely different from many other sites to find online work is that a login nor profile is required.

6) FlexJobs

As you may have guessed, FlexJobs is a site digital nomads can use to find flexible work from home jobs. Job opportunities listed include part-time work, flexible hours, and freelance projects.

All listings are by United States employers. Some listings require you to be a US citizen to apply, while others don’t.

While FlexJobs is the only site listed here that you must pay to use, there are a couple of affordable subscriptions. Unlike other job search engines, low-quality job listings such as spam and commission-only are removed. FlexJobs also offers virtual job fairs, career coaching, resource articles, and more.

7) If You Could

If You Could Jobs is excellent for creatives! This UK-based job board is free to use and offers various remote gigs for writers, designers, and more. If You Could makes it extremely easy to browse hundreds of job opportunities. Filters allow you to narrow down your search by roles, contract type, and job level. There’s really no downside to using If You Could.

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8) The Dots

Not into wearing a suit to work? No problem! Another job board great for innovators is The Dots, a social media for job seekers across the globe. Once you sign up for free, you can follow roles and companies you’re interested in to be updated on potential gigs from photography to writing. You can even make posts to ask your community questions, share resources, and collaborate. 

9) JustRemote

JustRemote has a mission to help people like us find awesome jobs to do from anywhere. Sounds great, right? This platform makes searching for partial and fully remote jobs quick and easy. You can find fields like developer, marketing, business, and design. There are jobs for people across the globe and each job listing specifies where they accept applicants from.

JustRemote makes things convenient by offering the option to subscribe to jobs you may be interested in. Potential jobs will then be sent directly to your email each week. 

10) Online Teaching Websites

One fun way to make money from anywhere is to be an online teacher. There are countless platforms for teaching online. Here’s a couple:

  • VIPKID: US and Canadian citizens teach English to students in China.
  • iTalki: Worldwide citizens teach their language to students all over the world.

It can take some time to get through the application process and build-up work as an online teacher. However, the payoff of a flexible schedule and helping others learn can definitely be worth it!

For more information, check out our complete guide for teaching English online!

Final Thoughts: It has become easier than ever to work from home (or anywhere). Online work can be for just about any profession and has so many advantages. When you’re ready to take the leap or if you already have, these tips and tricks for working from home efficiently will help you get your work done.

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