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12 Best US Cities for Digital Nomads (& Remote Workers) 2024

The United States is huge and offers so many incredible places to live in and explore. If you’re looking for your next adventure, you’re in the right place.

We’ve compiled a list of the best US cities for digital nomads and remote workers considering what they have to offer in terms of activities and opportunities for nomads.

best US cities for digital nomads

A few important factors when choosing a place to work remotely are the cost of living, co-working spaces, and opportunities for meeting people and networking. Of course, exciting experiences are also key!

Continue reading to learn all about the best places for digital nomads in America.

Preparing for Digital Nomad Life in a New American City

Before we dive into the best US cities for digital nomads, it helps to know these quick tips and helpful resources for being a digital nomad in the US.

  • Anyplace is an excellent resource for finding fully furnished accommodations including co-living spaces which are ideal for nomads and remote workers.
  • To learn more about the cost of living in the city you’re going to, check out Numbeo and Nomad List for a full database on average costs.
  • Location-based Facebook groups and Meetup are awesome tools for nomads. Both provide opportunities to network, meet new friends, and learn more about an area you’re going to.

Tip: You can check out our guide to US healthcare for freelancers or our favourite travel insurance providers to make sure you have coverage while you are in the US.

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Now let’s take a look at the best US Cities for digital nomads and remote workers!

1) Pensacola, Florida

Florida’s most western city, Pensacola, is known for its world-famous beaches and unique history. But, that’s not all that this charming city has to offer. The people are hospitable and the history is rich. Let’s not forget to mention the diverse cuisine from fancy seafood dining to hip food trucks. 

Pensacola, Florida

To get some work done, check out cowork annex. This innovative coworking space offers flexible plans for a workspace and opportunities to connect with other nomads and remote workers

In 2019, Pensacola was named the second most affordable beach town in America. And, if you want to check out Pensacola during the most affordable season, late Fall and Winter are the best times. Approximate costs per person average or start at –

  • Pensacola Rent: $800 per month or $70 per night on average
  • Dinner out: $10
  • Beer: $5
  • Coffee: $3.50

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2) Charleston, South Carolina

Located in southeastern South Carolina, Charleston is a city unlike any other in the Carolinas. With beautiful architecture, world-class restaurants, and more, it’s been named Travel & Leisure’s top city in the US for many years. Spend time on the beach, explore the history, and enjoy the nightlife.

charleston south carolina

When it’s time to work, The Exchange offers an upscale workspace, networking events, and more.

As Charleston’s tourism continues to rise, so do its prices. With that said, you can spend time in this beautiful city on a budget. Also, Charleston’s costs are lower during the low season (fall and winter). Approximate costs per person average or start at –

  • Charleston Rent: starting at about $1,000 per month or $120 per night
  • Dinner out: $10
  • Beer: $4
  • Coffee: $3

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3) Asheville, North Carolina

If you’re always looking for the next adventure, Asheville is the place to be. This trendy and diverse town is tucked among the Blue Ridge Mountains. It’s one of the most unique places for a digital nomad or remote worker with unmatched nature, breweries, dining, and shopping.

asheville carolina

Asheville offers several co-working spaces including Hatchworks. While this inspiring workplace is located downtown near all the life, it offers private and group rooms to get focused and productive around like-minded people.

solis portable wifi

The cost of living in Asheville can be affordable or pricey for nomads depending on what you choose for accommodations and activities. Approximate costs per person average or start at –

  • Asheville Rent: $800-$1,000 on average
  • Dinner out: $10
  • Beer: $5
  • Coffee: $3

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4) Austin, Texas

Austin is the capital of Texas located in the centre of the state on the Colorado River. Austin is known for its incredible music and foodie scene. If outdoor adventure is your style, there are trails, lakes, and parks galore.

austin texas

This quirky city also has a creative spirit, making it a great spot for digital nomads and especially entrepreneurs. There are several coworking spaces including the popular fibercove. This work spot is more than that and prides itself on welcoming those from all industries to come together and build relationships.

In comparison to other areas in Texas, Austin is on the more pricey side. However, it’s affordable when compared to other bustling cities. Approximate costs per person average or start at –

  • Austin Rent: starting around $1,000; many private room rentals on Airbnb average about $30 per night
  • Dinner out: $10
  • Beer: $5
  • Coffee: $3

5) Brooklyn, New York

If you’re looking to head to the Big Apple, Brooklyn is one of the best US cities for digital nomads due to its many perks. In this little corner, you can enjoy all that NY has to offer but with a more low-key vibe. This includes incredible food, history, bookshops, entertainment, and more. There are also people from just about all walks of life ready to mingle with newcomers.

brooklyn usa

When you need to settle in and get productive, there are several coworking spaces in Brooklyn. Industrious is the ideal spot for a mixed community, socializing opportunities, and cozy work zones.

One of the best parts about Brooklyn is that it’s just as cool as other parts of New York but less pricey. Approximate costs per person average or start at –

  • Brooklyn Rent: $2,000 per month or starting at $40 per night (these costs can vary greatly depending on the accommodation/location)
  • Dinner out: $17
  • Beer: $9
  • Coffee: $4

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6) Chicago, Illinois

If you’re looking for big city life next to a massive lake, Chicago is the place for you! Located on the southwest shore of Lake Michigan, Chicago is the third-largest city in the US and growing by the day.

There are tons of famous landmarks to see such as Millenium Park, the Art Institute of Chicago, and the Chicago Riverwalk. It’s also known for inclusivity and a place where everyone is welcomed. 

chicago usa

When it comes to finding a spot to work, Chicago has you covered with many coworking spaces. Workbox offers several unique spaces around the city. Their membership also applies to each location.

To experience all the goodness that Chicago has to offer, you’re going to spend some money. It’s been ranked as one of the most expensive cities in North America. Approximate costs per person average or start at –

  • Chicago Rent: Accommodations can run around $2,000 per month or $100 per night.
  • Dinner out: $12
  • Beer: $6
  • Coffee: $4

7) Boise, Idaho 

Idaho’s largest city and capital is one of the best US cities for digital nomads for many reasons. There are tons of accommodation options, work-friendly places, and regular social events including festivals and college football.

It’s also a notable spot for outdoor enthusiasts given the sunny climate and opportunities for hiking, biking, paddling, much more. It’s also great for those who appreciate cafes, restaurants, and barhopping.

boise idaho

With tons of trendy coffee shops like this one, places to work are in abundance. There are also several co-working spaces including Office Evolution located in the heart of downtown.

Boise is known as one of the most affordable cities, especially in comparison to other western metro areas. Approximate costs per person average or start at –

  • Boise Rent: Average rent is about $1,000 per month and nightly costs vary greatly starting at less than $100.
  • Dinner out: $9
  • Beer: $4.50
  • Coffee: $3

8) Tulsa, Oklahoma

Nestled on the Arkansas River is Tulsa, one of Oklahoma’s most populous cities. This underrated city is another affordable one that boasts art and offers a swanky and relaxed vibe. There are many points of interest including the Jazz Hall of Fame, Blue Dome Entertainment District, and Mohawk Park.

Tulsa Oklahoma

Not only does Tulsa offer stylish coffee shops ideal for working, but there are also several coworking spaces. The Root is located downtown and offers remote workers tons of conveniences.

The low cost of living makes Tulsa even more desirable than it already is. To help with costs, this grant provides the opportunity for remote workers to actually make money just from working in Tulsa. Approximate costs per person average or start at –

  • Tulsa Rent: Monthly rent starts at about $750 and nightly accommodations start at about $60.
  • Dinner out: $3
  • Beer: $5
  • Coffee: $5

9) Salt Lake City, Utah

Salt Lake City is Utah’s capital and most populous city with a stunning backdrop of the Wasatch Mountains. Digital nomads who love being close to skiing, hiking, and other outdoor experiences find Salt Lake City thrilling. There are tons of national parks close by. The city also offers exciting nightlife and plenty of opportunities to meet new people.

salt lake city

When it comes time for a productive workday, there are ample spaces to do so. Work Hive is a Salt Lake City favourite where you can get cozy, meet work goals, and network.

The cost of living in Salt Lake City is very appealing to many.  Approximate costs per person average or start at –

  • Salt Lake City Rent: Monthly rent averages at about $1,300 and nightly accommodations start at about $70 (or less if you choose to enjoy the many camping opportunities nearby!)
  • Dinner out: $10
  • Beer: $5
  • Coffee: $3.50

10) Santa Monica, California

Located on Santa Monica Bay and surrounded by Los Angeles is the city of sunny Santa Monica. This sophisticated beachfront city offers a laid-back, vibrant vibe perfect for the nomad looking to relax during their off time. There are also tons of day trip opportunities including surf-friendly Malibu and historic Santa Barbara.

sancta monica

If working a few steps away from the beach sounds appealing, Blankspaces is ideal. It offers open lounge seating, a work cafe, and a workstation for long-term use.

With so much to enjoy about Santa Monica, it comes with a price as the cost of living is higher than other options on our list. Approximate costs per person average or start at –

  • Santa Monica Rent: Monthly rent can cost at least $2,000 and nightly accommodations start at about $70.
  • Dinner out: $15
  • Beer: $7
  • Coffee: $4

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11) Portland, Oregon

Located in Oregon, with easy access to Washington State and Seattle, Portland is a perfect city for creatives with plenty of networking opportunities floating around.

If you enjoy hiking and nature, then there’s plenty nearby with the benefit of an exciting downtown area brimming with breweries, vintage shopping, doughnut and coffee shops. The nightlife in Portland is nothing short of exciting whether you enjoy a drink or want a night of standup at a comedy club.

portland oregon

For working, there’s no better choice than OpenHAUS, an inclusive and creative coworking space perfectly suited to freelancers, business owners, and artists.

  • Portland Rent: Monthly rent can cost at least $1400 and nightly accommodations start at about $122
  • Dinner out: $16
  • Beer: $6
  • Coffee: $4

12) Nashville, Tennessee

Nashville has become an increasingly popular destination for digital nomads in recent years due to its thriving startup scene and lower cost of living. It is known for its music and arts scene, which attracts many creatives to the city. This has created a diverse and vibrant community that values innovation.

Nashville. for nomads

Nashville also offers a strong sense of community, there are always events and festivals happening, which makes it easy to meet new people. It’s also enjoyed for its weather, which experiences milder winters than cities like Chicago — though it rains a lot!

Tip: As another cheaper Tennessee option, nomads could also look at Knoxville which has some great up-and-coming neighborhoods and a thriving LGBTQ+ scene.

  • Nashville Rent: $1100
  • Dinner out: $15
  • Beer: $6
  • Coffee: $4

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