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7 Best Solar Power Banks for Travel & Remote Work

When you are travelling and working remotely, keeping your devices powered up is essential. Sometimes it’s not always convenient to plug our computers, phones, and cameras into an outlet. But, that’s where power banks come in handy.

In this guide, we’re going to share the best solar power and power banks for travel and remote work.

best solar power banks

Power banks are an excellent option whether you’re often on the go, you have a trip coming up, or you want a convenient way to charge your devices while you work from home. We’ve got various options, from compact solar power banks to powerful power banks that can charge multiple devices.

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Why should digital nomads and remote workers consider carrying a power bank?

Digital nomads and remote workers usually work online and are often on the go, so being able to charge devices easily is important. A power bank provides peace of mind that your devices are always powered up or can be conveniently charged if needed. 

You can easily travel with power banks and pull them out when your device runs out of juice and needs to be charged. I’ve had a power bank for as long as I’ve been a digital nomad, and I couldn’t imagine living without it. It makes things so much easier knowing I can charge my computer and phone, especially when I want to travel and explore while working. 

You can use a power bank to keep many devices charged, including phones, computers, cameras, earbuds, smartwatches, etc.

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How do solar power banks work?

Solar power banks are eco-friendly devices that can be charged by the sun. Where a standard power bank needs to be plugged into an outlet and charged up before you can use it to charge your devices, a solar power bank is placed in sunlight to be charged.

A solar power bank is an excellent option for many digital nomads and remote workers. However, you have to make sure you’re somewhere sunny to charge it up to give it the energy to charge your devices. 

You don’t need to be somewhere with sunlight at all times. You’re good to go as long as the sun’s out when you need to charge your solar power bank.

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Best Solar Power and Power Banks for Travel & Remote Work

There are various solar power and standard power banks for various travel and remote work styles and needs. There’s something for everyone, from portable and miniature options to power banks that charge multiple devices and outdoor-friendly power banks. Let’s look at the best solar power and power banks for travel and remote work.

Solar Power and Power Banks Overview

Best Foldout Solar Power Bank:  SOKOO Solar Charger Power Bank

Power up anywhere you go with the SOKOO Solar Charger Power Bank. Whether you are or what adventure you’re planning, it’s nice to have a foldable solar power bank that’s easy to pack and take on the go.

The A ADDTOP solar charger charges devices with a USB port, such as smartphones, iPad, cameras, and gaming devices. It has four panels and charges up faster than a single-pane solar panel. 

solar charger power bank

You can charge two devices at once and auto-adjust the current of the access device for the best output. It can also charge most smartphones 8-10 times and iPads 3-4 times until it needs to be placed in the sun again.

If you enjoy exploring outdoors, the SOKOO is also great for this. It’s waterproof and is made to adapt to various conditions. It has a built-in LED flashlight, too.

Wattage: 5 watts

solis portable wifi

Connector Type: USB A, Micro USB

Total USB Ports: 3

Quick review: Portable foldout solar power bank that’s great for on-the-go and outdoors.

Best Waterproof Power Bank: BLAVOR Wireless Solar Charger with LED Flashlights and Compass

If you’re interested in the ultimate waterproof power bank, the BLAVOR Wireless Solar Charger with LED Flashlights and Compass is it! This new version is better than ever, with a large battery capacity to charge a smartphone or earbuds about seven times and about four charges for an iPad. And it charges your devices incredibly quickly.

solar power bank wireless

The BLAVOR Wireless Solar Charger’s superb design has earned it the Red Dot Award. It’s shockproof and waterproof, making it suitable for harsh conditions. It’s even made to charge your devices wirelessly, so there’s no need to worry about tangled chords. You can charge two devices at once with this solar charger.

It also has an LED flashlight and compass for outdoor adventures like camping, cycling, hiking, travelling, etc. 

Wattage: 72-watt hours

Connector Type: USB, wireless

Total USB Ports: 4

Quick review: Powerful solar chargers flawlessly designed to handle harsh conditions.

Best Miniature Power Bank: T-CORE Power Bank 20000M

There’s no need to worry about taking too much space with a T-CORE Power Bank 20000M. This miniature power bank is the perfect solution for light packers who don’t want to worry about their devices losing power.

solar panel mini

Although the T-Core Power Bank is small, it can fully charge your phone in under half an hour. It also supports 2 USB outputs simultaneously. At total charge capacity, it can charge a phone about four times. It also charges earbuds, smartwatches, and iPads.

One great thing about digital nomads using this power bank is that it’s permitted in a carry-on plane bag as it is 37 Wh, and most aeroplanes require less than 100 Wh to be carried on. 

Wattage: 37 Wh

Connector Type: USB Type C

Total USB Ports: 2

Quick review: Compact size is perfect for travelling and taking on the go to keep devices powered up.

Best Power Bank for Laptops: Poweroak 250W Portable Power Station

Keep all your devices, including your iPad, charged with the Poweroak 250W Portable Power Station. This power bank not only keeps your laptop powered, but you can also plug in mini-refrigerators, cameras, fans, and a GoPro.

It’s perfect for remote workers who enjoy road-tripping and camping!

portable power station

This Poweroak Power Station runs off a lithium-ion battery with various outputs to charge multiple devices simultaneously. The power station can also be recharged via a wall socket, car outlet, or generator. You can also pair it with a solar panel for solar charging.

 While this power station is quite powerful, it’s easy to travel with. Its foldable handle design is handy and makes it easy to carry.

Wattage: 300 watts

Connector Type: wireless charging, DC 12V3A, 12V9A, Pd 45W Type-C, USB-A, and AC230V UK outlet

Quick review: a powerful power bank with various connectors to charge multiple devices, including your laptop.

Best Budget Solar Power Bank: SWEYE Solar Power Bank

The SWEYE Solar Power Bank is a high-quality, affordable option for keeping your devices charged. It’s also a nice compact size for remote workers who want something easy to travel with. 

This power bank is charged by solar energy, but it can also be plugged in to charge. It’s also fast charging so you can be on your way and ready to power up your devices when needed.

solar power bank

Dual USB outputs allow you to charge two devices with the SWEYE Solar Power Bank simultaneously. It also works with various devices, including iPads, earbuds, all smartphones, and more.

Blue LED indicators allow you to conveniently see how much charge you have left on your power bank.

Wattage: 91 watts

Connector Type: USB

Total USB Ports: 2

Quick review: an affordable option for charging up to two devices at once.

Best Lightweight Power Bank: Anker Power Bank, PowerCore

If you’re looking for a lightweight power bank that works great, the Anker Power Bank, PowerCore is an excellent option! It’s referred to as the “lightest” portable charger of its kind on the market, and its slim size makes it incredibly easy to travel with.

anker power bank

You can charge a smartphone and iPad mini 1-2 times with this before charging the power bank back up. And, since it’s so small, it charges incredibly fast. 

The Anker Power Bank has been made with superior safety. Its MultiProtect safety system has temperature control, overcharge protection, and short circuit protection.

Wattage: 24 watts

Connector Type: Micro USB

Total USB Ports: 1

Quick review: the ideal power bank if you’re looking for something simple and lightweight to keep your phone powered up.

Best Power Bank for Multiple Devices: MAXOAK 50000mAh 6 Port

If you’ve got several devices like a computer, camera, and phone to keep charged, the MAXOAK 50000mAh 6 Port might be your best bet. You can also plug in tablets, earbuds, LED lights, and more.

solar power bank budget

When the MAXOAK power bank is fully charged, it can charge a computer at least twice and smaller devices 10-20 times. It also has 6 ways to charge your devices. The power bank itself can be fully recharged in under 8 hours.

An advantage that many other power banks don’t have is that this one comes with a 12-month 100% Satisfaction & Replacement Warranty. It also comes with various cables and cords and a carrying bag.

Wattage: 185 watts

Connector Type: USB

Total USB Ports: 4

Total DC Outputs: 2

Quick review: a reliable power bank that can charge multiple devices, including bigger pieces like computers and cameras.

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