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16 Best Podcasts for Freelancers and Digital Nomads

One of the best and most fun ways to learn more about remote work and freelancing is by listening to podcasts. In this article, I’ll share the best podcasts for freelancers and digital nomads.

best podcasts digital nomads and freelancers

As a freelancer, most of what I’ve learned about how to be successful in work and life and create a fulfilling lifestyle has come from podcasts. Whether you’re interested in hearing about what it means to be a freelancer, how to build a successful freelance business, travel tips and stories, or a mix of all of these, the list below has something for everyone. 

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What are the best podcasts for freelancers?

1. Freelance Friday Podcast

The Freelance Friday Podcast by Latasha James is perfect for freelancers who like consuming authentic, no-fluff content. This is easily one of my favourite podcasts because it teaches about freelance life from people in the business.

freelance friday

What to expect from the Freelance Friday Podcast:

  • A new show most Fridays
  • Bite-sized episodes, most of which are less than 30 minutes
  • Tips for freelancing 
  • Interviews with experienced freelancers

2. Find Your Magic

Find Your Magic by Kelsey Formost is a breath of fresh air and one of the best podcasts for creative entrepreneurs. It’s a great listen for any aspiring or current freelancer, entrepreneur, or CEO looking for a safe space with open discussions. Kelsey shares conversations with people about business, mental health, and more.

find your magic podcast

What to expect from Find Your Magic:

  • Marketing and other business tips
  • Actionable steps for creating a work-life balance
  • Vulnerable and inspirational conversations to succeed in life and business
  • Easy to listen to episodes (less than 1 hour each)

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3. Deviate with Rolf Potts

I started listening to Deviate with Rolf Potts years ago when I began dreaming about becoming a digital nomad, and I still find it interesting. Rolf Potts is an avid traveller, and he talks about all things travel on his podcast.

deviate with rolf potts

What to expect from Deviate with Rolf Potts:

  • Insightful conversations with experts, public figures, and fascinating people
  • Travel ideas and motivation
  • Short and longer episodes on various topics, including travel destinations, experiences, and tips

4. Freelancer to CEO

Freelancer to CEO with Aubree Macick is one of the best podcasts for freelancers if you’re ready to scale your business or looking for inspiration. Aubree was once a teacher and now has a full-time freelance business, and she uses her podcast to teach others her secrets to success.

freelancer to ceo

What to expect from Freelancer to CEO:

  • Actionable steps for scaling your business
  • Interviews with people just like you, including work-at-home moms, online service providers, and podcasters
  • Quick, straightforward episodes you can get through on your lunch break

5. Digital Nomad Experts

Listen to Digital Nomad Experts by Beach Commute to learn how to become a digital nomad. It’s also great to listen to if you’re already living this lifestyle and want to learn more from like-minded people. This is one of the best digital nomad podcasts because 3 full-time travellers and remote workers have open and honest conversations about working and travelling.

digital nomad

What to expect from Digital Nomad Experts:

  • Interviews with guests from various backgrounds discussing all things travel and remote work
  • Fun conversations about the best travel destinations, how to work remotely, and personal experiences
  • Episodes anywhere from half an hour to an hour and a half on almost any digital nomad topic imaginable

6. Out of Office: A Travel Podcast

If you’re looking for a digital nomad podcast that’s all about travel, Out of Office: A Travel Podcast is a must-listen. Hosts Ryan Davis and Kiernan Schmitt share their wanderlust and travel experiences to help any digital nomad plan or dream about their next adventure.

out of office travel podcast

What to expect from Out of Office:

  • Itineraries and tips about local day trips and international adventures
  • Advice on how to travel the world
  • ~1-hour-long informative and entertaining episodes

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7. Marketing School

Marketing School by Neil Patel and Eric Siu is one of my go-to podcasts for freelancers to learn lesser-known tips about growing a business. I enjoy listening to Marketing School when I only have a few minutes and always walk away with new knowledge.

solis portable wifi
marketing school podcast

What to expect from Marketing School:

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8. Wellness with Ella

Wellness with Ella is a wonderful podcast for anyone! Ella Mills is an entrepreneur and food writer who shares all things wellness on her podcast. I highly recommend this one for any digital nomad or freelancer who wants to prioritize or learn more about health.

wellness with ella

What to expect from Wellness with Ella:

  • Candid and empowering discussions with guests about their wellness journeys
  • Unique practices and habits that lead to health and happiness
  • Motivation to take action to transform your life into one you love
  • Binge-worthy episodes that are about an hour long

9. The Goal Digger Podcast

The Goal Digger Podcast by Jenna Kutcher has been named the #1 business podcast and for great reason. This is one of the best podcasts for female entrepreneurs or anyone chasing joy and peace.

goal digger podcast

What to expect from The Goal Digger Podcast:

  • Actionable steps to help you chase your dreams
  • Experiences and tips from experts in remote work, marketing, entrepreneurship, and more
  • 30-45 minute workshop-style episodes

10. Financial Feminist

Another one of the best podcasts for female entrepreneurs is Financial Feminist by Tori Dunlap. As freelancers, understanding the best ways to earn and handle money is key to success. Tori is a money expert and shares unfiltered advice and conversations with special guests.

financial feminist

What to expect from Financial Feminist:

  • Learn how to increase your income, spend less, and feel financially confident
  • Get resources that help you save and grow your money and run a successful business
  • Short and long episodes filled with credible information about finances with business and money experts

11. The ONE Thing

After reading the book The ONE Thing, which helped me grow my freelance business, I had to see what the podcast was about. The ONE Thing podcast is just as insightful as the book, offering new knowledge and advice for making the success you dream of a reality.

one thing

What to expect from The ONE Thing:

  • Diverse interviews with successful people about productivity, time management, business, health, and habits
  • Personal stories of people finding their purpose and living their best life
  • Thoughtful and encouraging episodes about an hour long

12. The Writers’ Co-op

As a freelance writer, one of my top podcast picks is The Writers’ Co-op. If you’re a fellow writer or thinking about becoming one, you’ll appreciate discussions between hosts Jenni Gritters and Wudan Yan and others in the business. In fact, most episodes are great for any freelancer.

writers market

What to expect from The Writers’ Co-op:

  • A transparent look at how to run a successful freelance writing business
  • Personal experience and advice on how to increase rates, protect your business, organize your workflow, take time off, and more
  • Short episodes, most of which are approximately 30 minutes long

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13. Deliberate Freelancer

I’ve found Deliberate Freelancer by Melanie Padgett Powers one of the easiest podcasts for freelancers to listen to. It’s filled with so much binge-worthy content about how to leave hustle culture behind and become a thriving freelancer. 

deliberate freelancer

What to expect from Deliberate Freelancer:

  • Insightful interviews with those running a successful freelance business
  • Practical ways to take control of your life and business with advice on topics, including finding clients, passive income, and setting boundaries in your life and business
  • New 30-60 minute episodes each week

14. On Purpose

If you’re looking for the best freelancer and digital nomad podcast that isn’t all about remote work and focuses more on health and happiness, look no further than On Purpose with Jay Shetty. As a former monk passionate about sharing his and others’ wisdom, it’s almost impossible not to feel good after listening to one of these episodes!

on purpose

What to expect from On Purpose:

  • Fascinating conversations with inspirational people
  • Recent episodes include stories and advice about mindfulness, anxiety, imposter syndrome, and relationships
  • Science-backed ways to improve your life
  • New mini and longer episodes every few days

15. The Money Mondays

As digital nomads and freelancers, the more we know about money, the better our chance for success. The Money Mondays podcast, hosted by Dan Fleyshman, shares helpful information and realistic tips.

the money mondays podcast

What to expect from The Money Mondays:

  • Money topics, including investments, lucrative businesses, and side hustles
  • Interviews with successful people, including celebrities, influencers, business owners, and athletes
  • Hour-long episodes drop every Monday

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16. Parts Unknown

Although world-renowned chef and traveller Anthony Bourdain is no longer with us, Parts Unknown is a joy to listen to and reminds us just how rewarding travelling is. This CNN series and podcast is ideal for digital nomads or anyone who enjoys travel topics.

parts unknown podcast

What to expect from Parts Unknown:

  • Stories about diverse cultures that make our global community more connected
  • Anthony Bourdain’s personal experiences visiting popular and unknown destinations
  • Almost 100 episodes of travel stories, each under an hour long

I hope you found a few podcasts for freelancers and digital nomads you look forward to listening to. If you enjoyed this article, please consider sharing it with a fellow nomad or freelancer!

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