10 Best Websites for Finding Online Work Now

best websites for online work

If you’re looking to learn about how you can find online work, you are in the right place! Remote work has many benefits like the ability to work a flexible schedule and the possibility of traveling around Southeast Asia or other areas you’ve dreamt of seeing while earning an income. Are you hoping to finally … Read more

7 Ways to Find Cheap Flights (for Thrifty Digital Nomads)

finding cheap flights tips

Whether you are a digital nomad just starting out or you’ve been in the game for a while, don’t let airline costs scare you off from exploring the world. After all, visiting new places while keeping your day job is one of the best parts of being a digital nomad. We’re here to share some … Read more

5 Downsides of Being a Digital Nomad (& How to Overcome Them)

downsides of digital nomads

Most of us have heard the glories of being a digital nomad. Being location-independent means the ability to travel the world, meet new people, and have access to opportunities that wouldn’t have existed for you otherwise. You can work in London before heading over to check out Tbilisi for a few months. Sounds ideal, right? … Read more

The 6 Best Cities in Southeast Asia for Remote Workers


One of the most exciting things about being a digital nomad is deciding where to work from next. With the world being filled with beautiful places, incredible people, and amazing food, remote workers have the privilege of learning about cultures other than their own while keeping up with their day job. In this article, we’re … Read more

Living and Working Remotely in Zagreb, Croatia (A Guide)


Discover why working in Zagreb, Croatia is a fantastic choice for digital nomads looking for a convenient and dynamic city full of life to spend time in. Are you daydreaming about the next destination to work remotely from? If you’re looking for somewhere with Italy vibes but a smaller price tag, there’s a great European … Read more

Your Complete Guide to Working Remotely in Tbilisi

remote working in tbilisi georgia

If you’re considering working remotely in Tbilisi, Georgia, here is everything you need to know, from rental and visa options to cafes, and coworking spaces. Many would say the best part of being a digital nomad is having the option to explore and learn about new cultures while working ourselves. We often hear about Bali, … Read more